World University Water Ski Championships

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Check out the first bulletin for the 2016 University Worlds in Akita, Japan!  The games will be held September 8-11, 2016.  Click on the logo for a link to the first tournament info bulletin.

US Skiers:  Stayed tune for team qualifications!
Internationals Skiers:  Please click the read more to find out how you can qualify and go to the championships!

Click Read More for the letter from Phil Chase, Chairman of the IWWF World University Commission.
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The event will be powered by the Ski Nautique.

Dear Friends,
 Attached is the 1st Bulletin for the 2016 FISU World University Water Ski Championships that will be held in Ogata Village, near Akita, Japan.
 I would like to take this opportunity to express to all our Federations just how important your participation is, not only to the future of the World University Championships but to our relationship with FISU as well.
 We need you there, even if you can not field a full team. Even if you only have one skier to send. We need participation. We need the flags of as many of our federations as possible at this event.
Having said that, it is also important that everyone understand that we, meaning IWWF Federations, can not send a team on our own. That can only be done with the approval of the University Sports Federation in your respective country. Here is the Link to all of the FISU University Sports Federations and their contact information. Please, if you have a skier or a team to send, make contact with your University Sports Federation immediately. They will work with you to get your team entered.

If, for any reason at all, you have problems with any of this, please contact me immediately and I will do my best to help in any way that I can.
Our friends in the Japanese Water Ski Association are going to great lengths and a great deal of expense to make this a huge success. Let’s stand up and give them our full support.
September 8-11, 2016. Ogata Village, Akita, Japan. Hope to see you there.
Chairman, IWWF World University Commission
FISU Technical Delegate, Water Ski

FISU World Water Ski Championship Bulletin #1