What’s next? 10 things to do if your #RoadToNationals is over

As many teams ramp up to Nationals, a lot of our smaller teams are at the end of their season. Many feel lost, without anything to do on weekends, or morning, afternoon, and night. Who will they hang out with, and do they really have to shower everyday? Gone are the days of early mornings, and late nights, and the dead-asleep nights, exhausted, in a puppy pile with teammates. Don’t just play Adele and cry, here are some better options.

  1. Still go to Nationals, or watch from home via NCWSA livestream Oct 19-21st
  2. Keep practicing, so you can pretend you’re going, or to prepare for next year
  3. Finally catch up on homework, as it’s almost halfway through the semester for some schools
  4. Make a kicka$$ video for the USA Water ski video contest, due today! 11:59pm ET. 
  5. Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise
    • Docks and lifts removal
    • Boat wash
    • Work concession stands
    • Arena clean ups
    • On campus sales (walking tacos♡)
    • Raffle or silent auction with parents and alumni
    • Can drive
    • End of skison fundraising dinner
  6. Improve team off the water #growthesport
    • Team workout regiment
    • Recruit incoming freshmen
    • Work with other schools to build better teams
    • Organize a Winter Conference for your region
    • Plan a spring break ski school trip
    • Learn how you can join your Regional or National board
    • Plan a tournament for 2018
    • Help a struggling team near you
  7. Team bonding
    • School events to cheer on other club and varsity sports
    • Friendsgiving dinner
    • Meet up with other schools, because tourney friendships are forever
  8. Make a team webpage on NCWSA.com
  9. Buy the new 2018 equipment, and donate your old equipment to SprayItForward, or sell it on Ski-It-Again, or to another NCWSA team!
  10. Work an extra shift to make up for the 17 new waterski shirts you bought this skison
*Headline photo of WMU ski team, as they raise money in the off season my removing and installing docks and lifts at local lakes, while getting the word out about their team.



Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest