What a glorious 2 days we’ve had at the 2017 Connelly Skis NCWSA National Championship. We’ve seen World Champions and new collegiate records on the beautiful Bennetts ski lakes, and we’ve seen tons of team spirit! Between the body paint, coordinated outfits and all the chants, it’s a touch competition. What will it take to win? Unofficial Official announcer Chris says his vote goes to “The loudest school close to me”, but more official judges will be taking the top 4 teams showing the most #WaterskiSpirit. Our only rule: #MostFunWins

I’ve been watching from the webcast, and while limited to the camera view, I’ve seen some great #NCWSASpirit. Who will win? With one day left, teams are really going to have to #SendIt if they want the prestigious prize from HO Sports.


Clemson: This whole weekend we have seen the Tigers roaring with spirit. If not in a Clemson Orange onsie, they are likely in rip of track pants to suprise many with their speedos at a moment’s notice. Sporting tiger stripes and tails, clemson is my favorite for the win. They’ve been loud cheering, sporting school colors on and off the water with orange and purple scrunchies, pom poms, and tiger leg warmers accompaning their orange suits. The only fault: No Orange ski. Maybe HO can help out there.      

Texas State: Their mascot is a bobcat, but they must be beefing with UT Longhorns as they sported a Cow Onsie on the trick lake, It udderly hilarious. We also saw plenty of Maroon and gold body paint.

University of Cincinnati: UC has been cheering loud and proud on the shoreline, but the more impressive and dedicated #WaterskiSpirit2017 effort was the team member who literally gave his body to the Spirit gods of Water ski. He has a UC Bearclaw logo burned onto his body. Now that’s great branding. Maybe next year our spirit award sponsor will be a sunscreen company. Or skin cancer treatment center…..

Texas A&M: Don’t mess with Texas, they have been wearing cowboy hats since they left their school on Wednesday. I have yet to see one on the lake, maybe we’ll see that in a trick run. On the Slalom lake we’ve seen plenty of dock cheers, it looks like a regular hoe-down

University of Texas-Austin: The Longhorns look like they’re reminiscing the glory days of Jersey Shore, painted Spray-Tan Orange

UL-Lafayette: Wearing Red from head to toe, you can’t miss the loud and proud Cajuns, Ragin’ on and off the water

UL-Monroe: Are they better skiers or cheerleaders? Jury is still out, but they’ve been waving their pom-poms like they’re taking a wobbly toe run

Iowa State: Really showing off their artistic talent, this Midwest team has very creative Gold and Cardinal body paint. As well, the team has been rumored to be chickens on the trick lake (and not just because they’re on kneeboards)

Alabama: This team spirit is floating by….on an elephant inflatable #RollTide

Miami of Ohio: The 2016 D2 champs are going full send in matching shirts for each day, Yesterday we saw a Hawaiian theme, reminiscent of the HO hawaii trip we saw on FlowPoint TV. These guys have been getting a workout with hour long dance parties and running their full team up and down the lake for each skier

Michigan: UM has a little bit of everything with body paint, boas, hats, sunglasses, mustaches, and full-gold body suit

Ohio State: THE Ohio State is helping everyone who struggles to spell the Buckeye state by throwing their letters in the air wherever they go.

San Diego State: Besides our emcee keeping those watching from home in true #NCWSASpirit, SDSU skiers can be seen in red tutus and flag capes running around the site, with red hair

Auburn: Blue Man Group or Auburn Spirit? The world may never know

Keep up the #WaterskiSpirit2017!



Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest