2017 Iowa Hawkeye Skifest

UW – La Crosse Ski-gles Take First at the 2017 Hawkeye Skifest

Lounging at 2017 Hawkeye Skifest
Lounging at 2017 Hawkeye Skifest (Iowa Water Ski Instragram)

This past weekend the Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association kicked off their region’s fall season with four tournaments. One of those tournaments was the 2017 Hawkeye Skifest, hosted by the University of Iowa and the Waterhawks in Evansdale, Iowa.

As the skiers took part in their first collegiate tournament of the year, everyone had an awesome time reconnecting with old friends and meeting many new ones! The sentiment of meeting new people and having a great time was echoed by many, including Marquette freshman Jack Misina, who was skiing in his first 3-event tournament ever; Jack noted that his “first ski tournament was an amazing experience and getting to meet so many skiers from around the Midwest was especially exciting!”

Marquette Water Ski Team at 2017 Iowa Hawkeye Skifest
Marquette (Instagram) brought some old and new faces.

With over 100 skiers, we managed to keep things running (somewhat) smoothly thanks to all the help.  In the slalom event, the Wisconsin teams took the top spots in the men’s event with Hunter Duffy (LAX), Jarad Meyer (MAD), and Kyle Foster (LAX) getting first, second, and third respectively. When it came to the women though, Amber Aho of Iowa State ruined the Wisconsin party by taking first, followed by Madeline Garrison (MAD), and Claire Thompson (LAX). In the trick event Jarad Meyer took the win in the men’s event, and Jenne Meyer (LAX) took first in the women’s event. Jump was topped by two Iowa State skiers, Cameron Baxter leaped 115 feet to take home first in the men’s event and Tiera Salitros out jumped teammate Amber Aho by 0.20 meters to take home the women’s title. Some of you may remember Amber from our Why We Fly contest in the Spring, she is back out there sending it!


Iowa State Water Ski - 2017 Hawkeye Skifest  Iowa State Water Ski - 2017 Hawkeye Skifest

Huge thank yous to everyone that helped to make this tournament such a success! Congratulations to UW-Lacrosse, UW-Madison, and Iowa State on their first, second, and third place team finishes, here are the rest of the combined team scores:

  1. University of Wisconsin – La Crosse (LAX)
  2. University of Wisconsin – Madison (MAD)
  3. Iowa State University (IWS)
  4. Marquette University (MAR)
  5. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM)
  6. University of Wisconsin – Stout (WST)
  7. University of Iowa (IOW)
  8. University of Wisconsin – Steven’s Point (WSP)
  9. University of Minnesota (MIN)

2017 Hawkeye Skifest was a great weekend! You can view the complete scorebook on USA Water Ski’s website.

2017 Hawkeye Skifest Photo Grid

Editor’s note, the original rough draft of this post was written by Hope LaMonica. Additional photos from Iowa State (Instagram), and feature photo from the University of Wisconsin Water Ski Team (Facebook | Instagram)



Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.