USA Water Ski Collegiate Kits

USA Water Ski Collegiate Kits are on the Way!!

USA Water Ski is pleased to announce a new initiative for 2014 to support collegiate water skiing and wakeboarding. Any collegiate water ski or wakeboard club that joins USA Water Ski as an affiliated club will receive a free “Collegiate Kit,” which includes among other items, a handbook containing “how to” tips, checklists and other resources to support a successful year on and off the water.

Collegiate Kits feature the following:

  • One Collegiate Handbook full of “how to” tips, checklists and other resources to support a successful year on and off the water
  • One Ladies’ LIFE ON THE WATER Tank
  • One Unisex LIFE ON THE WATER Tank
  • Vinyl LIFE ON THE WATER stickers
  • One Dolphin Wetsuits Bib + 25% off Additional Bibs
  • Plus, exclusive discounts and coupons from sponsors who are stepping up to support USA Water Ski collegiate clubs

“With the help of current collegiate water skiers and wakeboarders, as well as alumni and board members, we are creating tools and resources for our collegiate teams so that they have what they need to create a more successful and sustainable collegiate environment,” said Taryn Garland, USA Water Ski’s program development coordinator. “We want to reach out and show our collegiate teams that we are here to support them and grow the sport as a whole, so we are providing new members the resources they need all bundled up in one convenient kit. Plus, we can learn a lot from our collegiate members, because they know how to live life on the water better than anyone. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2014.”

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To begin, all USA Water Ski affiliated collegiate teams are receiving a free Collegiate Kit containing free merchandise, Dolphin Wetsuits Bib + 25% off future order, Collegiate Handbook, Vinyl Sticker and other helpful tools to have a successful season.

As a USA Water Ski affiliated club you can:

  • Access your club’s “Members Only” section where you can manage your roster (extremely helpful come tournament time!), sanction your practices online, access your certificate of insurance, and renew your membership.
  • Sanction all of your practices for the year for free. That means if you have a certified “trained driver”, your practices will be covered by our insurance for all USA Water Ski Active members. (Without this – none of your members are covered during your practices!)
  • Host tournaments and Get on the Water events (Basic Skills Learn to Ski days & GrassRoots tournament) as fundraisers to raise money and gain a presence in your community. When you host these events you can also request free goodie bags for all of your participants.
  • Be listed on our website as a club/team. This helps grow your membership and is great for recruiting!
  • Get featured on the USA-WS blog at
  • Receive exclusive monthly emails featuring various tips to help your team throughout the year.
  • Participate in our yearly contests to receive cash and other goodies for your team:
  • Take advantage of being connected to a network of experts that can help you throughout your experience on a collegiate team.

Common Misconception:

  • Individual members do not automatically get insurance coverage unless it is a sanctioned event. Only USA Water Ski affiliated teams can sanction their practices and exhibitions. So, unless they are affiliated, they have no coverage at their own practices.