2016 South Central Regionals

ULM Wins at 2016 South Central Regionals

2016 South Central Regionals - 5th Place - University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas is going to Nationals! (Instagram)

What a weekend in Katy, Texas at the Lakes of Katy!  For awhile this weekend the rest of the nation was in the dark as the South Central teams that frequently post to social media all went silent, but all is okay in the South as all available members were simply busy skiing their hearts out for their respective teams to earn a spot at the upcoming Nationals tournament. This was the second straight year for a combined alumni and collegiate regionals. The Midwest was the only other region to host an alumni tournament in 2016, and theirs was at the end of August.

The South Central Regionals tournament had some amazing tournament weather accompanied by some amazing skiing! The University of Louisiana at Monroe narrowly beat the reigning national champions for the regional crown. ULM claimed 5 of the 6 top individual event spots and were the winners men’s, women’s, and team combined scores, but University of Louisiana at Lafayette was a mere 60 points behind when all the scores were tallied. With University of Louisiana at Lafayette in second, three spots to Nationals remained. Those other three spots went to Texas A&M University in third, University of Texas in fourth, and the University of Arkansas earned its first ever NCWSA National Championships birth by placing 5th in team overall. (Featured photo credit to Nathan Thames [Instagram], the non-cropped photo without logos can be found here.)

Watch throughout the day on NCWSA.com as we post recaps of the Midwestern and Western regional tournaments, and later today (around half-time of Monday Night Football) we will stream the Wild Card show live! The show will be our first announcement of the final teams to make NCWSA Nationals and the division seeding for all teams!

Combined Team Results

The full score book can be found here.

Place Team Name Slalom Place Trick Place Jump Place Total
1 University of Louisiana at Monroe 1,720.0 2 1,870.0 1 1,710.0 1 5,300.0
2 University of Louisiana at Lafayette 1,910.0 1 1,690.0 2 1,640.0 2 5,240.0
3 Texas A&M University 955.0 3 965.0 3 790.0 3 2,710.0
4 University of Texas 685.0 4 615.0 5 610.0 4 1,910.0
5 University of Arkansas 680.0 5 620.0 4 390.0 5 1,690.0
6 Texas State University 365.0 6 590.0 6 370.0 6 1,325.0




Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.