Team Registration Information

Online Team Registration for ALL NCWSA Tournaments
Access to the online registration system is provided through the USA Water Ski Member’s Only area.  Team Captains or Tournament Registrars should access these features by first signing onto the Member’s Only area.  That is accomplished through clicking the Member/Club Login link, which is located in the upper right corner of the USA Water Ski main web page, then signing in with their personal membership number, rather than club credentials.  Once signed in, then Captains or Registrars should click on the Collegiate Registration menu item, located in the left navigation panel on the Member’s Only main page.  Here is a link that will take you directly to that Member’s Only area sign-in page:

After selecting either the Team Captain Tools or Registrar Tools item from the Collegiate Registration sub-menu, then further information on the features and usage of this system is available through the Instructions button, which you will find located on any of those subsequent detail pages.  Those dealing with this system for the first time should certainly review the Overview material at the top of that section.
Remember this is the only way to register your team for the tournaments!
As the beginning of the fall season is just about upon us, all NCWSA Team Captains should immediately begin reviewing and updating their team rosters, particularly with regard to entering freshmen and any other new team skiers who will be participating this fall.  Then they will be prepared to create Entry plans for particular tournaments when those approach.
Attention all NCWSA Team Captains
Before you will be able to prepare Team Entry and Rotation Plans for upcoming NCWSA tournaments, you must first have your Team Roster completely up to date.
This is something you’ll need to get on immediately.  Specifically, there are three areas of concern in the short term.
(1)  Graduates and departures.  Your roster will include numerous graduates and other past participants, who will no longer be skiing on behalf of your team this season.  We suggest you use the Team Captains tools to put those folks into Inactive Status. (You will probably see a lot of alumni on your lists as well since we used the system to build our teams for the alumni regionals this past weekend so don’t be alarmed if a lot of names on there that you didn’t add.)
(2)  Incoming freshmen and other new-to-your-team members.  Any of these folks who are not already members in USA Water Ski, must become active USA Water Ski members, before they can be added to your team.  Please be aware that members enrolling today will not be available to add to your team until after 4:00 AM the following day, so getting these new team members into the membership system is the most urgent task you face.
(3)  Membership renewals.  While it is possible to add expired USA Waterski members to your team, only members whose membership status is active through the date of an upcoming tournament, can be included in your Team Entry and Rotation Plan for that tournament.  So review your roster and be sure you get any of your team members whose memberships are expired (or expiring) to renew ASAP.  Avoid last-second scrambles by getting this out of the way early.
Details on the above steps can be found in the material you’ll find under the Instructions button, available on the Team Roster page on the USA Water Ski website.
Remember that you must use your personal USA Water Ski membership credentials to sign onto the Members Only area, then use the links under the Collegiate Registration menu item in the Left Navigation panel, on that Members Only area.