Skier Showcase: Great Plains Conference Executive Board – Meet…

14567333_1479285745418575_8475552111166226249_oIf you’ve been keeping up, you know that the Great Plains Conference has a new executive board. During the past few weeks you’ve met the Chairperson, Vice Chair, and Treasurer, and now its time to meet the Secretary–me!

My name is Margaret Silhasek and I am originally from Byron, Minnesota, which is just a small town right outside of Rochester. As a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I am on a weird college track where I’m working towards two degrees; one in broadcasting and one in economics. Becoming a sideline sports reporter (go Huskers!) is my all-time dream job, but through my internship with the Nebraska Athletics Department, I’m starting to really enjoy being in the production room and can see myself producing or directing live sporting events or political news.

I first learned how to ski as a 12-year-old up at Moose Lake in Northern Wisconsin. A friend of ours, Dave Maina, and his mother took my older sisters and I out in a boat one afternoon, got in the water, and taught us how to ski. I was hooked from that moment on! I only got to ski about once a summer, so when I learned about the UNL Water Ski Team (Twitter | Instagram) from my friend Henry (he was on the Iowa Team), I messaged Tucker Johnson right away!

13886281_1402655249748292_2424259069298175084_nJoining the water ski team was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Like I’d say to any new skier, although there are moments I get discouraged because I can’t run a pass on slalom or land jumps consistently, I’m learning a lifelong sport, stepping out of my comfort zone (thanks jump!), and hanging out with what I consider my second family! I am also very humbled with my experiences on the water ski team. The past couple years, we’ve helped out with an adaptive water ski clinic near Ashland, NE. Seeing the smiles on people who never thought they would get to ski makes me, and the rest of my team, realize how fortunate we are to spend our life on the water! (Don’t know what adaptive water skiing is? Check out WOWT’s story here)

Although I wish my life revolved around water ski, I do have other hobbies. One thing not many people know about me is that I play the piano and sing. When I’m back home in Rochester, you can find me grabbing a Caribou Coffee and heading to the big grand piano in the atrium at the Mayo Clinic to play music for patients.

Ten years ago I never would have thought I’d be part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Ski Team, much less spending my weekends in the fall hanging out with some of the best people from across the Midwest, so I cannot wait to see what next season will bring!



Margaret Silhasek

Lake-loving Minnesota girl who bleeds Husker Red!