Skier Showcase: Great Plains Conference Executive Board – Meet the Veep

1You’ve met the Chair, now it is time to meet the Veep! Nikki Weber, unfortunately nicknamed “Nachy” in the ski world, is a skier for Missouri State University. Nikki is studying Human Resource Management, but isn’t quite ready to grow up and take on the real world yet (let’s be honest, who is?). Originally from Lake Lotawana, Missouri, Nikki has been skiing since she could basically walk. Unlike several of the skiers in the Midwest, whose first attempt on skis is as a freshman in college, Nikki started in a zip sled at 18 months old. Soon she would master combo skies, and by the time she was eight, Nikki was hitting a 3-foot jump with her small-town show ski team. Naturally, Nikki found her way to collegiate skiing through older girls on the show ski team!

surfingNikki has been quite successful on the Missouri State Water Ski Team, especially in jump! Her success in jump was actually due in part to a dare. At Fall Showdown her freshman year, after learning the famous “first for the team, second for yourself, and third for the hospital”, Nikki was dared to single cut at the jump, and to everyone’s shock (even her own)–she landed it! Another fun ski fact about Nikki is that she has never bought a brand new ski. She has always bought or found second-hand skis off ski-it-again, at garage sales, or even out of a trash can!

Although she enjoys spending time at Lake Freddie skiing, playing sand volleyball, and cooking out with the lake owners, Nikki does have hobbies outside of water skiing, but she doesn’t travel far from the water. Sailing is her second love, and someday she would like to own a 40-foot catamaran and sail around the world!

Whether she is skiing or sailing, there is no doubt Nikki Weber has a love for life on the water. She has quite the background in water skiing, and we look forward to watching her succeed next season!




Margaret Silhasek

Lake-loving Minnesota girl who bleeds Husker Red!