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Regions Looking for 2017 All-Stars’ Sponsors

As the spring season approaches, all four regions look forward to our All-Stars tournament in May! Each region sends its top skiers to compete as a region against all the other regions in a region versus region team style competition to become All-Star Champions. The cost of entry, travel, and accommodations can quickly add up for all skiers across the nation in such a way that it may prevent skiers from attending this prestigious event. To reduce this burden, regions will look for various sponsors for their teams, and may post a call for sponsors on our national website. If you wish to be a sponsor for a region’s team, please contact them directly via the email listed in their call. If no email is listed, please contact the regional chair. The following is the call for sponsors from the Midwestern Region.


Team Midwest All-Stars Ski

Team Midwest Looking for All-Stars’ Sponsors

Collegiate water skiing is a way of life for many college students in the Midwest. When a skier joins a team in the Midwest, they join a family of hundreds of skiers from universities across the region. Collegiate skiers travel thousands of miles a season going to tournaments, and spend countless hours learning the ins and outs of what many consider a unique sport. Most teams in the Midwest attend three to five tournaments in the fall; however, a select group skiers is lucky enough to represent Team Midwest at Collegiate All-Stars in the spring.

Each year, approximately 30 skiers are given the huge responsibility of representing over 40 different teams from universities across the Midwest at this tournament. Michael Testa, vice-president of Team Midwest, says these skiers “have to epitomize everything Team Midwest stands for, such as personal and organizational growth, inclusiveness, and harmonious collaboration…”. In the past, this group embodied its role to the fullest and dominated the competition, taking 1st place overall in the last three All-Stars Tournaments. However, representing Team Midwest at Collegiate All-Stars comes at a price—literally. Each skier pays for their own travel, including cars, gas, food, airfare, lodging, registration and team uniform fees, on top of all the other expenses the skiers have as college students.

Team Midwest is looking for businesses, groups and individuals to sponsor this fantastic group of students. The team from the Midwest is the fastest growing “team” in the country, making it a premier opportunity to advertise your business, or promote the competitiveness and leadership qualities of this team. There are a number of ways you can support Team Midwest.

Team Midwest Title/Bib Sponsor

At each tournament, anywhere from 30-40 skiers wear bibs when competing, which could have your logo printed prominently on each bib. The team and individual skiers have hundreds of pictures and videos taken of them competition. These skiers, and even Team Midwest, post these pictures and videos to numerous social media accounts, a great way for thousands of people to learn about your business or cause. The cost of this sponsorship is the cost of the team bibs, which is about $700. You will also receive two custom Team Midwest bib  .

Team Midwest Gas and Travel Sponsor

If the Title/Bib sponsor option isn’t for you, donating any amount towards the Team’s travel and gas expenses would be greatly appreciated. Team Midwest travels across numerous states, sometimes even halfway across the United States. The skiers will receive a fraction of the funds based upon the total travel to assist with the cost of travel and lodging.

Team Midwest Registration Sponsor

Team Midwest understands you may want to support a specific skier or two competing on the All-Stars team. You can donate $50 which would cover the cost of their entry fee. You can do this anonymously, or the skier can proudly wear the name of their gracious sponsor!

Representing Team Midwest at the All-Stars tournament is an incredible and favorite opportunity for many skiers. While the Team has had a few sponsors before, this is a great way for business, groups and individuals alike to support Team Midwest. If you have any questions about sponsoring Team Midwest you can contact Mike Testa (midwestvicechairman@ncwsa.com).

Team Midwest would greatly appreciate any and all support!




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