2017 NCWSA Board Send-Offs From Winter Meetings

Over the weekend three of the four regions met for their winter meetings, and with their winter meetings regional board elections were held. So with new members stepping up, we wish to take a moment to say thank you to the outgoing members of the NCWSA Board. Emily Dammeyer Former NCWSA Secretary Former Midwestern Region […]

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2016 Winter Conference Opening Ceremony

20 Reasons Why Team Midwest Winter Conference Is Amazing!

Team Midwest Winter Conference is an entire weekend in the dead of winter to see your best friends from different schools and talk about skiing! For many, Winter Conference creates some of the strongest memories of their collegiate careers. Tomorrow will be the 20th Winter Conference, and it is bound to be a great one! To […]

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Iowa Water Ski Team Banner

Alumni Spotlight: Christy Kingsmill

Christy bleeds pink as the fearless leader of Team Midwest; if you don’t believe me, ask Christy to show you some 2007 NCWSA Nationals pictures. This week I had the pleasure of catching up with her for another great Alumni Spotlight! Name: Christy Kingsmill Applicable nicknames: Mom Collegiate Ski team: University of Iowa Favorite Event: Jump Describe your ski […]

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Team Midwest

MCWSA Winter Conference 2017: Meet the Pros

Team Midwest’s Winter Conference has become a huge event over the years. This year’s MCWSA Winter Conference will be hosted on February 11, 2017 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Skiers from around the Midwest will gather to hear what the pros and fellow collegiate skiers have to share. So with this year’s […]

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NCWSA Committees: 2017 Call for Participation

NCWSA standing committees allow skiers and alumni to contribute to the NCWSA off the water by helping inform policy, aiding teams, growing our sport, and generally making the NCWSA better. As outlined in the NCWSA Policies and Procedures the NCWSA has five standing committees. Each region has representation on each committee, and if you are interested […]

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