Announcing Team News Tuesdays!

Today we are announcing a new way to get your team news out to the public as we are turning Tuesdays into Team News Tuesday! Team News Tuesday will allow all teams to share their updates with the entire NCWSA! We want to help increase the exposure for all of our NCWSA teams, and to help […]

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FSC Spring Tourney 2017

Rollins Opens Spring With a Win at 2017 FSC Spring

It is still very early in the Spring season, and not all skiers or teams are available. In fact, some regions are still dreaming of water skiing while staring at snow out their windows. In Florida, the teams may have been skiing the entire “off season”, but this past weekend a few skiers from Florida […]

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NCWSA Rule Update: Slalom Mini Course

At the 2017 January board meeting the NCWSA board of directors approved the use of a mini course within the slalom event.  The following details should help explain the rule change as well as how the system will be scored.  All images contained within this article are not to scale, but meant for visual guides to […]

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UCLA Water Ski Team

Alumni Spotlight: Mary Kenz

For this week’s #TBT and alumni spotlight, we are checking in with Mary Kenz from the UCLA Water Ski Team! Favorite Event: Jump Describe your ski team experience: As a transfer student at UCLA, I joined the water ski team because I was looking for way to get more involved. What I got out of the […]

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