Ohio Families Host Pre-Skison Collegiate Clinic over Labor Day

The #WeSuck Ski clinic is a joint operation by the Dammeyer, McClure, and Van Treese families. Hosted by Jim McClure at Pleasant Shores tournament site (Van Wert, OH). Boats provided for the clinic were Nautiques belonging to the Dammeyers and the Pleasant Shores site.  Kevin Dammeyer organizes the annual event, and provided coaching, as well as trick coaching from Libby Van Treese.

This year, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and University of Toledo brought skiers new and old to the site. The majority of the focus of the clinic is to help all skiers in preparation for the upcoming tournament season. The clinic serves as a great practice for teams without consistent access to a practice site,  especially one with a jump. Many skiers at this event are getting their first jumps in before the season begins.

The clinic is open set layout, first come first serve. Everyone at the site works to make sure everyone gets time on the water. Most skiers got 3-4 sets throughout the two day span, and the sets are some of the most affordable in the league. At $5/ set, this event  is being put on solely to help collegiate skiers. With affordable sets and great coaching, everyone loved being a part.

Schmidt hit the jump ramp 9 times, including a few on a wakeboard

Skier Andrew Schmidt (Cinci)  was able to experiment with new methods given the excessive amount of time on the water, He was able to get in 9 solid jumps and a Personal Record in Slalom. “It’s just a great event, very laid back and relaxed. Everyone is there to help improve, and the atmosphere is awesome. I became a better skier and became super stoked for this tournament season starting on the 9th!”

Participants would like to extend a thank you to the Dammeyer, McClure, and Van Treese families. Without the hours of dedication that that selflessly put in to events such as this, our sport would not be where it is at today.



Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest