2016 University of Alabama Team

NCWSA Team Rankings: Going into Regionals – 9/29/2016

We had a lot of great tournaments this past weekend, and several teams got to ski their full team together for the very first time. The Eastern region had their regional tournament this past weekend, the rest of the regions host theirs this weekend, so let’s get to the rankings going into Regionals’ weekend!


  • University of Alabama retains the top spot heading into Regionals weekend for the remaining regions, Alabama won Eastern Regionals.
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe jumped up 18 spots to second, edging ULL by a 5 points!
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette made the biggest jump, moving up 35 spots into third.
  • Florida Southern College dropped to 4th, FSC was in the top 3 all of last year.
  • The Midwest region has the most teams in the top ten with four teams grabbing top ten spots. The highest Midwest team is The Ohio State University in sixth (down three spots from last week).
  • None of the teams in the Western region moved up in the rankings.

Biggest Movers

Eastern Region

  • Up 6 spots – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (34th)
  • Down 2 spots – Florida Southern College (4th), University of Georgia (21st), and University of South Carolina (49th)

Midwestern Region

  • Up 9 spots – University of Notre Dame (39th)
  • Down 9 spots – Bowling Green State University (22nd)

South Central Region

  • Up 35 spots – University of Louisiana at Lafayette (3rd)
  • Down 1 spot – Texas State University (38th)

Western Region

  • Up – None
  • Down 8 spots – Unviersity of California, Los Angeles (41st)


  • We think ULL will jump over ULM, but are unsure if they can vault to the top and dethrone Alabama.
  • The Midwest will lose another team from the top ten.
  • The Western Region will have several teams increase their rankings after they ski their Regionals in Washington, they sat out last weekend.


Rank Team Name Tm Code Region Conference Team Score
1 University of Alabama ALA E SA 49875
2 Univ of Louisiana Monroe ULM SC 49550
3 Univ of LA Lafayette ULL SC 49545
4 Florida Southern College FSC E SO 48820
5 Rollins College ROL E SO 45710
6 Ohio State University OHS M GL 42645
7 Michigan State Univ MST M GL 39640
8 San Diego State Univ SDS W PC 36870
9 University of Michigan MCH M GL 36225
10 Kansas University KAN M GP 35905
11 Clemson University CLE E SA 35490
12 Miami of Ohio MOH M GL 35485
13 Univ of Wisc Madison MAD M GP 34535
14 Grand Valley St Univ GVS M GL 34225
15 University of Cincinnati CIN M GL 34085
16 Univ of Wisc La Crosse LAX M GP 33100
17 Iowa State University IWS M GP 32325
18 Texas A&M University TAM SC 30450
19 Missouri State Univ MOS M GP 26690
20 Auburn University AUB E SA 26450
21 University of Georgia UGA E SA 26020
22 Bowling Green State Univ BGU M GL 25445
23 University of Missouri MIZ M GP 24580
24 Purdue University PUR M GL 24150
25 Marquette University MAR M GP 22285
26 University of Iowa IOW M GP 21985
27 University of Texas TEX SC 21750
28 University of Nebraska NEB M GP 21615
29 Kansas State Univ KST M GP 21350
30 Univ of Wisc Milwaukee MIL M GP 20310
31 UC Davis UCD W NW 19330
32 Cal State Univ Chico CSC W NW 18170
33 Arizona State University ASU W PC 17780
34 Univ of NC Chapel Hill NCH E SA 17755
35 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo SLO W NW 16345
36 Indiana University IND M GL 15395
37 University of Illinois ILL M GP 13465
38 Texas State Univ TSU SC 13300
39 Univ of Notre Dame UND M GL 13180
40 University of Arkansas ARK SC 12960
41 UCLA CLA W PC 12665
42 Ohio University OHI M GL 11630
43 Southern Illinois Univ SIU M GP 10030
44 University of Dayton DAY M GL 8850
45 Western Michigan Univ WMU M GL 8750
46 Univ of Wisc Stout WST M GP 7660
47 Univ of Wisc Eau Claire WEC M GP 7505
48 Louisiana State Univ LSU SC 7235
49 Univ of South Carolina SCA E SA 6260
50 Univ of Wisc Stevens Pt WSP M GP 6050
51 UC Berkeley CAL W NW 3800
52 Hope College HOP M GL 3225
53 Saginaw Valley State SVS M GL 2850
54 University of Toledo TOL M GL 2070
55 Long Beach State LBS W PC 685



Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.