NCWSA Rankings 2017 - 9.29.2017

NCWSA Team Rankings: 9/29/2017

All four regions have skied, and have submitted their books, so it is time to release this week’s team rankings!!


  • Alabama retains its top spot!
  • Clemson overtakes the University of Louisiana at Monroe to move up one spot!
  • The Western Region had their first tourney, but San Diego State University is the only Western Region team to leap into the top ten, as it sits at 7th this week.
  • The Midwest has the most teams (5) in the top ten of any of our four regions.

Biggest Movers

Eastern Region

  • Up 1 spot – Clemson University (3rd)
  • Down 7 spots – Lander University (50th)

Midwestern Region

  • Up 7 spots – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (24th)
  • Down 7 spots – Minnesota University (52nd)

South Central Region

  • Up – none
  • Down 8 spots – University of Arkansas (47th)


  • Florida Southern College & Rollins College still haven’t skied in a tournament, but they are active this weekend at Eastern Regionals! Expect them to leap into the top ten in our next rankings.
  • ULM is active this weekend, but missing some skiers as they ski in the 2017 Malibu Open; you can watch the live stream here. Although missing skiers, we predict ULM will move up a spot or two next week.

2017 Rankings – 9/29/2017

Rank Team Name Region
1 University of Alabama Eastern
2 University of Louisiana at Lafayette South Central
3 Clemson University Eastern
4 University of Louisiana at Monroe South Central
5 Ohio State University Midwestern
6 Michigan State University Midwestern
7 San Diego State University Western
8 University of Wisconsin – Madison Midwestern
9 Miami University Midwestern
10 University of Kansas Midwestern
11 University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Midwestern
12 Missouri State University Midwestern
13 Iowa State University Midwestern
14 University of Michigan Midwestern
15 Texas A&M University South Central
16 University of Cincinnati Midwestern
17 Purdue University Midwestern
18 Grand Valley State University Midwestern
19 Texas State University South Central
20 University of Nebraska Midwestern
21 Bowling Green State University Midwestern
22 University of Texas South Central
23 Auburn University Eastern
24 University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Midwestern
25 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Western
26 Kansas State University Midwestern
27 University of Missouri Midwestern
28 Marquette University Midwestern
29 Ohio University Midwestern
30 University of Wisconsin – Stout Midwestern
31 Arizona State University Western
32 University of California, Los Angeles Western
33 University of Iowa Midwestern
34 University of Georgia Eastern
35 University of Dayton Midwestern
36 University of California, Davis Western
37 University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Midwestern
38 Western Michigan University Midwestern
39 Indiana University Midwestern
40 California State University, Chico Western
41 California State University, Sacramento Western
42 University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point Midwestern
43 Baylor University South Central
44 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eastern
45 University of Notre Dame Midwestern
46 University of Nevada, Reno Western
47 University of Arkansas South Central
48 Southern Illinois University Midwestern
49 Western Washington University Western
50 Lander University Eastern
51 Central Michigan University Midwestern
52 Minnesota University Midwestern



Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.