NCWSA at January 2018 USA Water Ski Banquet

NCWSA Rules & Standards Update: 2018 January Board Meeting

All governance documents have been updated in our resources section on Here are the few rules and standards changes that were approved at the January 2018 Board of Directors meeting. For skiers and captains, these changes and more should be covered at your Winter Conferences.

Tournament Rulebook Changes

Removal of “zero is a zero” Scoring

The Board voted to remove the “zero is a zero” clause from scoring. This means that a skier that takes the water, but fails to score will be splitting points in a tie for last in the same way that all other ties are handled to calculate team point contributions. Previously, if a skier did not land a jump, did not score a trick, or scored zero buoys in slalom the team point allocation for that skier was zero.

Two Examples

1 person in the field doesn’t land a jump

  • Updated system: the skier will receive 10 points
  • Previous system: the skier received 0 points

3 people in the field score 0 buoys

  • Updated system: the three skiers split the sum of 10, 20, and 30 points; each getting 20 team points
  • Previous system: all three skiers received 0 points

Appeals Wording Added to Eligibility Exceptions

Any appeals to eligibility rules must be made in writing to the National Board one week before any qualifying tournament.

Turn & Burn Wording Solidified

Turn and burn tournaments have been approved for use in the NCWSA for the past two years, but the wording in our rulebook was insufficient or non-existent and exceptions were voted on to allow them. With the addition of the turn and burn wording, we provide a clear pathway for the use of turn and burn styled tournaments within the National Collegiate Water Ski Association.


Nationals Standards Updates

Team Selection Modified with Eligibility Rule

All skiers participating in Nationals on teams that placed top 5 from the prior year’s Nationals must have skied 1 fall tournament in the current fall season in their region prior to Nationals.

Practice Protocol Added

If practice is offered, the following protocol shall be used for slot allocation:
Thirty minute slots will be made available for scheduling per lake (jump & slalom) at the discretion of the host. Scheduling may begin on Tuesday at 8am the day after the wildcard show on a first come first serve basis. On the Friday after the wildcard show, all open slots not purchased will be available for purchase to everyone on a first come-first serve basis. In the event more lakes are available, practice can be sold at the discretion of the host, as long as all teams have equal opportunity to book time.

Sunset Rule Timing Updated

The sunset rule that dictates movement of the final round of Division 1 men’s slalom had a time period of 3 hours, the updated rule now will use 2.5 hours as the time period.

Webcast Guidelines Added

The media use and media sponsorship section has been modified to incorporate the NCWSA Webcast and sale of sponsorships relating to the NCWSA Webcast.


All-Stars Standards Updates

Webcast / Media Guidelines Added

The media section from the NCWSA Nationals Standards has been added to the NCWSA All-Stars standards as we hope to have more media exposure, and hope to continue webcasting our two national tournaments.




Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.