NCWSA Committees: 2017 Call for Participation

NCWSA standing committees allow skiers and alumni to contribute to the NCWSA off the water by helping inform policy, aiding teams, growing our sport, and generally making the NCWSA better. As outlined in the NCWSA Policies and Procedures the NCWSA has five standing committees. Each region has representation on each committee, and if you are interested in representing your region you should contact your regional chair directly to determine how the region appoints its representatives.

Chair Positions Open Up!

This year we have two chair positions we are opening up to applications, Marketing and Operations. Chair positions are appointed by the National chair, Jeff Surdej. Chair positions of standing committees may be representatives on the committee, but that is not required and most current chairs are not representatives. If the chair is not a region or ACC representative then the chair does not vote whenever a vote is required within the committee. If you would like to apply to being a chair, please declare your interest to your region’s leaders.  Additionally, please prepare a brief letter that is about a half page in length and deliver it to your regional chair person via email. If you do not have a specific “region” please email this letter to This letter should state your name, school, regional affiliation, why you wish to chair the committee, and any relevant qualifications. Additionally, if you have any ideas on committee direction or use, you may include them in your letter.  This letter will be forwarded to the NCWSA board by your regional chairperson.

Member Positions

We love to see fresh faces as representatives of the committees. If you would like more information about the standing committees, you can talk to your region’s chair or vice chair at upcoming winter meetings or you can email Almost all committee business is conducted over email, but certain committees may have other means of communication as well based on their tasks. Member positions are appointed per region, and the ways of appointment vary by region. Regional leaders must provide their representatives to the Board of Directors by March 1, 2017.

Committee Descriptions

Awards Committee

Chair: Jeff Rush

The awards committee makes recommendations for NCWSA awards to be given each January. The awards committee conducts a nomination period and create a nomination list for each award. The awards committee also selects qualifications for the Academic All Star Team. Members of the committee help spread the word about awards, coordinate with their respective regions, and may be asked to collect information from their respective regions. Committee members in attendance at NCWSA All-Stars or NCWSA Nationals may be asked to help organize and/or present awards. This year the committee will also concentrate on building a basis for an NCWSA Hall of Fame!

International Activities Committee

Chair: Jeff Surdej

2016 was a busy year for the IAC as the World University Championships occurred in September. During the off years, the IAC is in charge of preparing for any upcoming World University Championships which can happen every two years, but may have a longer gap between events. 2017 will most likely be a year of discussion about future involvement in the WUC as well as how we can improve things based on the knowledge gained throughout 2016.

Operations Committee

Chair: Open

This committee oversees the rules and fairness of the NCWSA. Over the past decade this committee has lead the charge on several changes to the NCWSA; Wild-Card tournaments, Medical Redshirts, boosting minimum slalom speed, lowering ramp height, and various scoring changes and fixes. This committee is looking for a new chairperson; the former chair, Adam Koehler, stepped down in January 2017 after 7 years as Operations Chair and several more as contributor and representative prior to being chair. Representatives will be asked to present and discuss issues with NCWSA bylaws, policies, and procedures.

Membership & Marketing Committee

Co-Chairs: Open (Marketing) and Erin Slater (Membership)

This committee is a joint committee. The marketing chair is currently open and the person that fills the position will work hand in hand with the co-chair. The marketing portions goal is to market the NCWSA in the best way possible and inform the NCWSA board of directors of the marketing impact. The membership portion strives to grow the sport and help the NCWSA maintain knowledge of its growth numbers. As you may have determined, the goals and tasks of growing membership often go hand in hand with positive marketing of the NCWSA which is one of the reasons why this committee is a joint committee.

Athlete’s Advisory Council

Co-Chairs: Switches yearly, currently Dane Mechler and Jenny Kaldor

The AAC is responsible for getting input from the athletes themselves so that their concerns can be represented in every aspect of the NCWSA. The AAC works together with all committees to make sure this is accomplished, in most years members of the AAC sit on each of the committees to make sure the AAC has knowledge of all the on going activities that affect the athletes of the NCWSA. The chairs are voted on by the committee once the committee is formed, and one of the two co-chairs may be chosen from outside the membership of the committee. In order to become a member of this committee, a skier must meet a minimum criteria. The official criteria can be found in the NCWSA Policies and Procedures, but as of this writing, the minimum criteria for AAC consideration is a skier who finished in the top half of the NCWSA Nationals D1 or All-Stars, or recorded a comparable score in the Nationals D2, or been a member of a World University Team. The co-chairs of the AAC sit directly on the NCWSA Board of Directors as voting members and representatives of all NCWSA athletes.



Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.