Nationals Standards



Amended January 24, 2014





The annual NCWSA Championships event shall be called the NCWSA National Collegiate Water Ski Championships preceded by the year. (Example: 2008 NCWSA National Collegiate Water Ski Championships). The name of the event may also be abbreviated for the purpose of tournament logos and advertising. In this regard, NCWSA Nationals and NCWSA Collegiate Nationals may also be used. At no time may a sponsors name be added to the title or any part of the event without written approval of the NCWSA. The names shown above are copyrighted and remain the property of the National Collegiate Water Ski Association. Under no circumstances may they be used in any commercial endeavor without written approval from the National Collegiate Water Ski Association.

TV, Internet, Radio and all other media rights, including commercial video or audio tapes, DVDs and commercial photography of the event are the property of the NCWSA and may be used only with specific License as granted by the Tournament Committee with approval of the NCWSA Board. Net funds generated by the NCWSA through the sale of sponsorships, excluding the title of events, shall be split 50 / 50 between the NCWSA and the LOC. The LOC shall retain 100% of the funds generated by sponsorship sales from the LOC.


The NCWSA National Collegiate Water Ski Championships shall be a USA WS/NCWSA sanctioned Class C event operated under the NCWSA Tournament Rules with exceptions as reflected in these National Tournament Standards. The event will consist of 1 round of slalom, tricks, and jump for men and women, in two separate Divisions called Division I and Division II. Events shall be run according to the schedule set forth in these standards except when and if deviations and/or exceptions are granted by the Board. At no time shall a schedule be used that would place two skiers from the same school on the water at the same time. The 2 Division NCWSA Nationals requires a 2 lake venue where, preferably, action on both lakes can be seen at the same time.


All applications for hosting the National Collegiate Water Ski Championships (herein after in these standards referred to as the NCWSA Nationals) shall be made to the Board of Directors of NCWSA (herein after in these standards referred to as the Board) on the proper application form as determined by the Board, and delivered to the NCWSA Board Chairman (herein after referred to as Chairman) no later than one month prior to the Annual Meeting. In other words, applications for the 2009 NCWSA Nationals must be received by the Chairman no later than 1 month prior to the 2008 Board Meeting, which occurs in January.

  1. Should there be no properly completed applications by the deadline, the Board has the right to extend this time limit to the Annual Board Meeting.
  2. If no acceptable applications have been received by the Annual Board Meeting the Board has the right to receive applications through April 1 following the Annual Meeting.
  3. These applications to be received no later than April 1 must be sent to the National Chairman (or his designated representative) by Certified, Mail Return Receipt Requested. If complete and acceptable, they will be forwarded to the board and a decision reached by mail ballot.
  4. Tournament hosts can request up to $3000 as a loan from NCWSA to help fund pre-entry fee financial requirements. The amount borrowed must be paid back in full at the close of registrationl


There shall be a NCWSA Tournament Committee for all NCWSA Nationals consisting of the NCWSA Chairman or Vice Chairman, The Regional Chairman of the Region where the event is being held (or his/her designated representative), a representative of the host (usually but not limited to the Tournament Director) and two BOD members (present at the tournament appointed by the NCWSA Chair). This committee is responsible for all particulars of the tournament including but not limited to: event preparation, advertising, press releases, compliance with NCWSA Rules and Standards, schedules, none tournament activities, the banquet, hotels and awards.

  1. If a tournament application (site) is selected at the Annual Meeting, the Tournament Committee shall be selected at the Annual Meeting and shall be obedient to the Board of Directors and the National Collegiate Championships Tournament Standards.
  2. If the tournament application (site) is selected at a later date, the Tournament Committee shall be selected as soon as possible after a final decision is made.


Each Region shall hold a Nationals Qualification Championships to be named “NCWSA (Region’s Name) Regional Championship” with the year preceding NCWSA in the title. Example: 2008 NCWSA Midwest Regional Championships.

The number of teams and qualification criteria for teams competing at NCWSA Regionals shall be determined by the NCWSA Regional Boards in conjunction with their various conference boards. The number of regional qualifiers should not exceed 16 per Region.


Each Region will qualify 5 teams for Nationals by order of placement at their respective Regional’s. In the event two teams tie for the last qualifying place both teams will be invited to the National Championship Tournament. In the event that one or more of a region’s qualifying teams declines a National’s spot, the Regional Chairman must allocate the vacated spot(s) by either awarding it to the next team by order of placement at the respective Regional tournament or notifying the Regional Chairman that the spot is being donated to the Wild Card tournament for the year. A sixth team will be automatically invited from the region with the highest individual skier number from the preceding year. The first place team from each Regional’s will compete for the National Championship in Division 1. Three wildcard spots will be given based on the following conditions. The three teams will be pick by a simulated tournament in which three (3) teams from each region (not already attending Nationals) will have their ranking scores from that fall season put into a simulated tournament. In order for a skier to be chosen as a participant in the Wildcard tournament, the skier must be on the Regional tournament eligibility letter, regardless of whether the skier actually skied in the Wildcard tournament. The top three finishers in the simulated tournament clinches the wildcard spots. The second through fifth place team from each Regional Championship, plus the three wildcard teams, shall be placed into a simulated tournament based on fall season rankings to determine the rest of the Division I and Division II fields. The top eight teams from this simulated tournament will join the four Regional Champions in Division I. The bottom twelve teams from this tournament will compete in Division II. The winner of Division I shall be named and recognized as “NCWSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS”. The winner of Division II shall be named and recognized as “NCWSA DIVISION II CHAMPIONS”. Under no circumstance shall there be more than one “NATIONAL CHAMPION” except in the highly remote case of a tie in Division I whereby the top 2 teams would share the title as “Co-National Champion.

The Regional Chairman or his/her designate is responsible for notifying the NCWSA Chairman of the Region’s National Teams immediately following the completion of each Regional Championship.

  1. All teams and members of teams competing in the NCWSA Nationals must be members in good standing of the NCWSA that have complied with all eligibility requirements as stated in the NCWSA Tournament Rules.
  2. Any challenges to eligibility of a skier or team within or without the Region must be made in writing to the Board with accompanying appropriate facts at least 12 hours prior to the start of the Tournament. The decision of the Board is final.



  1. The banquet shall be held on Saturday night and facilities should be capable of handling a minimum of 400 people (ideally up to 600 could attend if space is available)
  2. A HEAD TABLE shall be provided at the Banquet. This table should be large enough to seat at least the following persons in this order: the National Chairman and spouse, the Chief Judge and spouse, the Chief Driver and spouse, the Chief Scorer and spouse, and the Host Tournament Chairman and spouse, Faculty advisor and spouse (if you have one from your school) and the current Regional Chairman and Spouse, National Vice Chairman and spouse, TC and spouse, Safety Director and spouse and Chief Announcer and spouse. This is a possible total of twenty two (22) persons and the minimum that should be seated is sixteen (16).
  3. There should be RESERVED SEATS at tables close to the Head Table for appointed officials, current or past National Directors; spouses of those at the Head Table that could not be seated with them, special guests such as sponsors, representatives of USA WS, or other special guests and their spouses. The Host should allow at least 40 places for this purpose. These should be clearly marked as RESERVED. This will allow the Board members to tell their spouses and special guests that they will have a seat as well as a gesture to show appreciation for the appointed officials and guests. These tables should be as close to the Head Table as possible. Every effort should be made by the Hosts to direct these people to their tables.
  4. The ORDER OF INTRODUCTIONS for the evening is as follows: 
    1. The program should begin as the people are finishing their dinner.
    2. The MC should introduce himself and then the Head Table starting with the NCWSA Chairman and spouse, the Chief Judge and spouse, Chief Driver and spouse, Chief Scorer and spouse, all other Chief Officials and dignitaries seated at the head table.
    3. The MC should then ask the National Chairman to introduce any other current or past directors and spouses in attendance and any special guests and sponsors in attendance along with their spouses. The Chairman will then introduce the Chief Judge who will introduce his appointed officials, including the TC and Safety Director, and other officials he or she wants to recognize. The Chief Judge will then introduce the Chief Driver who will do the same for the drivers and then introduce the Chief Scorer who will do the same for the scorers before handing the mike back to the MC. It is highly recommended that each official be presented with a special certificate of thanks for his/her participation in the Nationals. The awards chairman will then present officials awards.
    4. The MC will then begin the awards presentation beginning with the NCWSA All-American Team which consist of the top 5 finishers in each Division I event plus any skiers from Division II who equaled or exceeded the score of the 5th place finisher in that respective Division I event. The top male and female overall skier in Division I shall be declared All-American Team Captains. The National Chairman or his/her designate shall present the awards along with the Chief Scorer or his/her designate. Time should be allowed for pictures of the All-Americans of each event, including overall.
    5. The MC shall then begin the presentation of Division II Overall Team awards beginning with the 10th place finisher and proceeding to the Division II winner. Division II individual event awards shall be presented on site. Again the Chairman or his/her designate along with the Chief Scorer or his/her designate will present the awards and time should be allotted for pictures of each team with their trophy.
    6. Immediately following the Division II team awards, the MC will announce any special awards for national records etc and then move directly into the Division I awards beginning with the 12th place finisher and finishing with the National Champion Team. The Chairman and Chief Scorer will again make the presentations and time should be allowed for pictures.
    7. The period immediately following the Division I awards is reserved for any special announcements and to thank everyone for coming. This can be done by the Chairman, MC or by a representative of the host and can be determined by the tournament committee.



  1. The Chief Officials for each Nationals shall be appointed by the NCWSA Chairman with approval of the Board. Selections shall come from a list of nominees sent in by each region and selections should be made no later than 60 days after a tournament bid has been awarded. The Chief Judge, Chief Driver, and Chief Scorer must be AWSA Senior rated officials, a qualified Safety Director (State or above) and rated Technical Controller must also be selected. The Tournament Committee, Chief Judge, Chief Driver, Safety Director, and Technical Controller are required to arrive not later than noon the day preceding the start of the Tournament.
  2. Two Appointed Judges are appointed from each Region. The Chairman of each Region should submit these names to the tournament as soon as possible. The only requirement for qualification of any judge from a Region is that he holds at least an AWSA rating of Regular judge. Should an Appointed Judge for any reason be unable to fulfill his duties, then the Tournament Committee may choose a replacement with approval of the Regional Chairman of the Region involved Should the replacement of an Appointed Judge be necessary during the tournament or immediately prior to the tournament then the Tournament Committee may select a replacement at the site to represent that Region. While an attempt shall be made to maintain Regional balance between Appointed Officials, it is the responsibility of the Region to get them there. If none are available on site, the most qualified judge on site will be selected to replace them without regard to Region.
  3. One driver is appointed by each Region with approval of the Tournament Committee. An additional driver may be selected by the host also with approval of the Tournament Committee. All Appointed Drivers should have a minimum of a Regular rating with Senior Drivers preferred.
    1. The Regional Chairman must submit their driver’s name as soon as possible to the Tournament Committee.
    2. Should that driver so appointed in the preceding paragraph for any reason is unable to fulfill his duties and no qualified replacement be made by the affected Region, and then the Tournament Committee shall make the replacement. Should the replacement of a driver be necessary during the tournament or immediately prior to the tournament then the Tournament Committee may select a replacement at the site to represent that Region.
    3. There shall be six (6) drivers at the Nationals including the Chief Driver. Driving assignments should be divided equally among all appointed drivers; where as all appointed drivers must drive at least one (1) DI slalom or jump event
  4. The Tournament Committee, in consultation with the Chief Scorer, will select up to three Assistant Chief Scorers. This can be done prior to the tournament or at the tournament. The Assistant Chief Scorers are considered to be appointed and should be at least an AWSA rated Regular Scorer with previous collegiate scoring experience.
  5. Traditionally more judges are invited to be mixed with the appointed judges and other judges on site for the manpower to run events. While this is understood and encouraged, Chief Officials must be aware that the Appointed Judges are those selected by the Regions to serve in key positions e.g., boat judges, trick call judges etc. for Division I events.
  6. It is recommended that there be at least 12 other qualified judges on site (Assistant-Regular) to help run the Division-II events or Division-I when needed.
  7. Whenever possible, the Chief Judge and Chief Driver should try to ensure that two people from the same region do not serve as both boat judge and driver during Division 1 events.


  1. Team Rotation for each Men’s and each Women’s event will be based on the USAWS collegiate teams single event ranking after the Regional Championships for each event.
  2. An exception will be the Division I Men’s Jump Event which will be reseeded based on preliminary combined Team Score Standings going into that last event. In other words, the team in the lead going into Men’s Jump jumps last.
  3. An exception will be the Division II Men’s Trick Event which will be reseeded based on preliminary combined Team Score Standings going into that last event. In other words, the team in the lead going into Men’s Trick goes last.


  1. Each AWSA approved boat company will be given the opportunity to pull each of the 4 DI events (men’s and women’s slalom and jump) as the title sponsor of that event for a $500 donation to the NCWSA Scholarship fund. A company providing 2 higher horsepower boats will receive priority for pulling D1 men’s jump over a paid sponsor. In the event a paid sponsor’s boats are not used for the men’s jump event, their donation will be returned. Each of the 4 D2 events (men’s and women’s slalom and jump) will be available for a $300 donation to the NCWSA scholarship fund. All boat companies will be notified on the same day and event sponsorship will be on a first come basis. If a boat company purchases the right to an event that event and boat will be removed from the towboat draw.
  2. Event Towboats will be drawn from the list of NCWSA Partner Towboats by the Chief Driver and a designate of the Tournament Committee. The draw for DI Men’s Jump shall be equally divided by those manufacturers providing two (2) high horse-powered jump specific boats. If no high horse-powered boats are available, the draw for DI Men’s Jump shall be included in the random draw by all qualified manufactures. The results of the boat draw will be announced at the Captains meeting. All boats will be made available for tricks.
    1. In the event of boat malfunction or availability, the Chief Driver, with approval of the tournament committee, can change the assignments.


  1. A Team Captains meeting will be held on the evening prior to the start of the Tournament. The meeting should begin no earlier than 7:30PM at the Headquarters Hotel. All Team Captains, Chief and Appointed Officials and NCWSA Board members are expected to attend.
  2.  Each school that has qualified for the Nationals must send a copy of their letter of eligibility and team roster using the WSTIMS roster template to the National Chairman for preliminary approval by fax, e-mail in PDF form, mail, or courier to be received by him no later than the date and time stipulated in the Pre-Registration Requirements. A return e-mail address and/or phone number should be included. Upon receipt of these copies, the Chairman will review the letter and contact the team representative should any corrections be necessary.
  3. Final Registration will be held, at a time to be announced in the Pre-Registration Announcement, at the same site as the Team Captain’s meeting so that eligibility letters, team rosters, etc. can be approved.
    1. This means that although preregistration by mail, e-mail, phone, and fax has been accepted by the Tournament Committee, the final registration with the team release, eligibility letter, proof of NCWSA and USA WS membership, and completed team roster must be presented so they can be verified by the Tournament Committee. Final registration along with any changes in preregistration (changes in the roster) could be given to the Registrar earlier in the day, but must be done no later than during the hours of 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM on the night prior to the start of the Tournament.
    2. A skier that is not on the eligibility letter and the team roster by 7:30 PM the night prior to the start of the Tournament will not be allowed to ski in any event. There should be a section added to the roster for alternate skiers (skiers that are not on the roster in a position to ski in any event) in the case of an injury to any skier. These alternate skiers must be fully registered including all fees paid and meet all other requirements of skiers allowed to ski in the National Tournament, etc. They will not use any eligibility should they not actually ski in this National Championship Tournament provided they have not already used or will not use eligibility for this same fall season as described in the National Tournament Rules.
    3. There can be no changes of any kind in the running order after final registration of any event with the exceptions as described in 3.d. (concerning the first event) and any substitutions allowed under the conditions included in this same paragraph heading of 3.c. No substitutions of any kind in the running order will be allowed without the approval of the Chief Judge and the NCWSA Tournament Committee or its designated representative and for no other reason than for injuries. Those skiers eligible to be considered for substitutes for an injured skier on their same team are those fully registered and participating in other events or are “alternates” (as defined in SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 3.b). The skier that becomes a substitute for his injured team member will ski in the running order position of that injured skier.
    4. The running order of the first events of the Tournament cannot be changed after 7:30 PM of the night prior to the start of the Tournament. Substitutions for injuries may be made any time up to ½ hour before the start of any event.


Day Lake 1 Lake 2
Thursday Division I Women’s Slalom (Starts 7:00AM) Division II Women’s Jump (Starts 7:00AM)
  Division I Men’s Slalom  Division II Men’s Jump*
Friday Division II Men’s Slalom (Starts 8:00AM)  Division I Men’s Trick (Starts 7:30AM)
  Division II Women’s Slalom* Division I Women’s Jump 
 Saturday Division I Women’s Trick (Starts 7:30AM)  Division II Women’s Tricks (Starts 11:30AM)
  Division I Men’s Jump Division II Men’s Tricks* 
  1. The following schedule was developed and modified based on experiences encountered with the first three, two division Nationals. The schedule allows conformity to the stipulations presented earlier in this document concerning any team having two skiers on the water at any time. This schedule must be followed at all times unless variations are requested in the original bid and approved by the Board. Later exceptions can be made to accommodate emergencies but only by the Tournament Committee with approval of the board.
  2. The growth of the banquet has caused severe restrictions on the time that can be allotted for recognizing teams for their accomplishments during the tournament. Consequently, it is highly recommended that a podium be provided and individual Division II awards be presented on site at the completion of each day’s Division II events.
  3. If in the opinion of 2/3rds of the Appointed Judges the last event of the day in either Division can’t be completed, the event shall be scored as completed based on the last completed rotation. Earlier events that might be interrupted for bad weather, equipment malfunction, etc. will be resumed when possible and completed before the next event starts. An example of this would be that, if a 3 hour rain delay should occur in Division II Men’s Slalom, that event would resume and be completed before Division II Women’s Slalom would start. Then should darkness force the Women’s event to be stopped, that event would revert back to the last completed rotation and be scored accordingly. While Team Overall Points would not be awarded for uncompleted rotations, individual scores completed within that rotation may still be used for individual placement and overall.


  1. The purpose of the Team Captain’s meeting is for the Captains, Coaches and Officials to hear final instructions on the tournament and any special considerations regarding the site. Team running orders along with the Towboat draw will also be announced. The meeting will be conducted by the National Chairman or his designate and the Chief Judge or Tournament Director. All Appointed Officials will be introduced and, when possible, given assignments for the next morning’s first events.
  2. The Chief Judge will set up his/her personnel sheet so that at all times possible the event judges will be from different Regions with key positions (boat judges, trick call judges etc.) assigned to judges appointed by the Regions to judge at the tournament. This is not to preclude the use of other equally qualified judges. However, in all possible cases, key Division I assignments should be filled by the officials sent by the regions to run the tournament. Other judges available on site should be used where possible in the Division II events.
  3. Individual competitors, coaches or teams may be disqualified from the tournament for on or off site behavior as described in AWSA Official Tournament Rules # 7.07 b. The rules states, “Any contestant or official whose conduct is deemed unsportsmanlike or whose conduct may cause discredit to AWSA or NCWSA either on or off the tournament site, before, during or after the tournament, may be disqualified by 2/3rds majority vote of the Appointed Judges from participation and placement in the tournament. The Chief Judge shall submit a report to the NCWSA Board of Directors regarding any such disqualification. If a special meeting of the Board Members present at any NCWSA Nationals is called to address any discipline issue, a 2/3rds majority of these directors shall have the same effect as above. If the Board is forced to deal with any issue at or following the Nationals as a result of unsportsmanlike behavior, hotel damage or other actions by teams or individuals, authorities at the involved school(s) will be notified and asked to deal with the problem. The NCWSA has a ZERO TOLERENCE position on vandalism, destruction of property or any other action that would bring discredit to the NCWSA, USA WS or the sport in general and teams or individuals found to be involved in such actions will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.
  4. Announcements, name tags, shirts, etc. for officials will be given out as well as the “how to” for lunches, banquets, etc.



All NCWSA Nationals shall be held on dual lake sites. The event should take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with The banquet held on Saturday night. 


Must be based on a per skier rate and include a ticket for the Awards Banquet and, traditionally, at least one other planned evening meal and/or activity which normally takes place on Friday night. The entry fee for the Nationals is periodically set by the Board of Directors and is presently set at $85.00/skier.


Must be a NCWSA member school, in good standing, with a team competing in tournaments in a NCWSA Region in the school year in which the application is made. Or, a Conference or Region of NCWSA. When necessary, the Nationals may be co-hosted with an NCWSA team and AWSA sanctioned ski club teaming up to put on the event. In all cases, however, award of the Nationals shall be made to the NCWSA member school, Conference or Region, who shall have final authority over the event and be obedient to these Standards, the Tournament Committee and NCWSA Board of Directors.


Must be a dual lake site that has held either NCWSA or AWSA sanctioned tournaments prior to application and is familiar to the Board members representing the Region or Conference in which it lies.


This must be included on the application as the Hotel must have been contacted to ensure that there will be rooms reserved so that all schools and officials participating will have accommodations available to them relatively near the site.


No practice on the site the day preceding the start of the tournament through the end of the tournament for any Team or individual skier.


A Banquet must be included Saturday night. It has historically been a dressup affair. The fee for attending this banquet is included in the entry fee for each skier. Additional tickets should be available at the site prior to the banquet and the price listed. (See Banquet agenda, etiquette and protocol in these standards.) There are now 300 skiers in the Nationals. When you add alternates, officials, parents, coaches and other interested parties, the numbers can easily rise to from 400-500 with as many as 600 possible, if tickets are aggressively marketed in advance.


Other activities should be listed in as much detail as possible. (See entry fee above.)


A total of twenty four (24) trophies must be provided by the host. All America Team Medals will be provided by NCWSA for the top five (including ties) individual finishers in each Division I event (including overall). The top male and female overall skier in Division I will be named All-American Team Captains. The top 5 finishers in Division II individual events will be awarded medals at a podium ceremony on site immediately following the last D2 event. The top five D2 overall skiers will receive a medal at the banquet. If a D2 skier equals or exceeds the 5th place score in the same Division I event they will be awarded an All-American Medal at the banquet.

  1. A trophy recognizing each of the following is required: The National Championship Trophy awarded to the 1st Place Division I Team should be special as befitting a National Champion. The rest of the Division I trophies should be sequentially smaller all the way down to the 12th place team. It should be noted however, that under no circumstances should the 12th place finisher in Division I receive a trophy smaller than any of those awarded to Division II teams.
  2. Division I -12 Trophies with the National Champion receiving the largest one and others sized in descending order according to placement.
  3. Division II- 12 Trophies with the Division II Champion receiving the largest (though smaller than the 12th place finisher in Division I) and the rest receiving smaller awards in descending order based on placement.
  4. ALL trophies should be of a quality and design befitting the NCWSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT.


Towboats shall be designated by the NCWSA Board. After notification to the Host by the Board of the towboats to be used, then the towboats are the full responsibility of the Host.


All items required to run a large, dual lake event, similar to an AWSA Regionals, including, but not limited to: safety boats, ropes, gas, PA systems, 2 way radio communications, judging and scoring facilities, video jump, trick timers, computers, safety equipment, as well as all necessary paperwork shall be the responsibility of the host. It is recommended that a cool, dry place (i.e. scoring trailer) and a copying machine be provided. When at all possible, a phone line should also be provided for internet access.


These are the responsibility of the host and are good ways for the host to make money. All program ads and printing on T shirts should be in good taste and appropriate for the National Collegiate Water Ski Championships Tournament and should use the official NCWSA name for the event.


All appointed officials except the Chief Judge, Chief Driver, Chief Scorer, Safety Director, Technical Controller and Chief Announcer will be selected by their respective Regions (see Qualifications and Selection of officials concerning appointed and invited officials in these Standards.) Your nominee for Tournament Committee member should be included with this bid.

  1. There will be twenty two (22) appointed officials:
    1. The Chief Judge and two (2) appointed judge from each of the four (4) Regions for a total of nine (9) judges
    2. The Chief Driver and one (1) appointed driver from each region plus an additional one appointed by the host club, for a total of 6.
    3. The Chief Scorer and three (3) appointed assistant scorers for a total of four (4) scorers.
    4. Safety Director1 appointed
    5. Technical Controller1 appointed
    6. Chief Announcer-1 appointed but backups are needed.
    7. Tournament Committee (5 members)
    8. See Qualification and Selection of Officials as discussed earlier in this document.
  2. The host is responsible for providing the following:
    1. The full room rate for each of the above twenty two (22) officials and the three (3) of the five (5) Tournament Committee members from the night prior to the start of the tournament through Saturday night. Additionally, the Tournament Committee, Chief Judge, Chief Scorer, Chief Driver, and TC shall be provided rooms for an additional night before the event since they are required to report early on Wednesday morning.
    2. All lunches at the site during the tournament are provided for the twenty two (22) tournament officials as well as the three (3) NCWSA Tournament Committee Members. This is usually also done for other invited officials and other judges helping to work the tournament.
    3. Complimentary tickets for the banquet and for the other planned activities for the aforementioned twenty two (22) officials and three (5) NCWSA Tournament Committee Members and up to eight (8) more tickets for special guests such as representatives of USA WS, IWSF, USCSC, and/or other invited dignitaries or sponsors shall be provided. This is usually done for invited officials, also. No later than noon of the day of the of the Banquet or other planned activity, the Tournament Committee will decide if these eight (8) guest tickets are needed and who should receive them. The host is also responsible for tickets for its own Faculty Advisor and other Special Guests.
  3. The Tournament Committee members, Chief Judge, Chief Driver, Safety Director, and Technical Controller are required to report on the morning (no later than noon) of the day preceding the event.