Missouri State Tops Kansas at Tiger Throwdown

The second tournament is in the books, and now it’s on to Conferences!

Last weekend, the Mizzou Water Ski Team hosted the Tiger Throwdown. Located Near Ulman, Missouri, Water Mill Lake was the perfect setting for seven teams to work out their kinks before heading to the tournaments that matter most. With beautiful weather at Missouri State’s tournament the weekend before, teams were hopeful the weekend would be nothing but clear blue skies and pristine skiing conditions. While Saturday went off without a hitch, Sunday’s B-Team events were cancelled due to rain showers.

Darren Seerup - Missouri State University Water Ski Team - Tiger Throwdown 2017Saturday morning started off with, shall we say, a terrible choice in blaring music. I think skiers would have preferred the usual car horns or someone yelling “morning stretches” through a bull horn. However, everyone was up, and it was time to ski! The men kicked things off first with morning slalom. Numerous skiers claimed the sun was hitting 5-ball “just right” to where they couldn’t see it and screwed up their opener.  However, others put up some impressive scores. Sean Kulig (KU) took home first with 2.5 buoys, 32 off @ 36mph, while James Eagleburger (MOS) and Brandon Regester (KU) tied for second with 3 buoys, 22off @ 34mph. The ladies were next with Carly Shull (MIZ) skiing away with a first place finish with 3.5 buoys, 32 off @ 34mph. 2. Ellie Staver (KU)- 5 buoys, 15 off @ 34 mph; 3. Amanda Rippel (KST)- 1 buoy, 15 off @ 34mph.

As usual, trick went next with men and women running simultaneously. Last year, the NCWSA approved the use of kneeboards in the trick event, and a number of skiers took advantage of the rule! The weekends top men trickers were: 1. Dan Greene (KU)- 1910; 2. Brandon Regester- 1540; 3. Darren Seerup- 970. The top women trickers were: 1. Amanda Rippel (KST)- 1220; 2. Carly Shull (MIZ)-1040; 3. Ellie Staver (KAN)- 990.

Last but not least, skiers took their chance at the big red monster. No blood was drawn this year, and a number of skiers even landed their first jumps ever! The boys of Kansas swept the podium in jump, with freshman Dan Greene booting an impressive 125 ft for the win. 2. Brandon Regester- 100ft; Richard Hollocher- 83ft. Luckily, women’s jump was squeezed in and finished just in time for dark, even with a skier getting 3 re-rides (you know who you are Nikki Weber). The top three finishers in women’s jump were: 1. Nikki Weber (MOS)- 67ft (pictured); 2. Hope LaMonica- 51ft; 3. Amanda Rippel- 42ft.

Once again, Missouri State, Kansas, and Nebraska took home the top three spots. The tournament scorebook can be found here.

  1. Missouri State University – 3,775
  2. University of Kansas – 3,615
  3. University of Nebraska – 2,845
  4. Kansas State University – 2,620
  5. University of Missouri – 1,955
  6. University of Iowa – 1,540
  7. Southern Illinois University – 335

These seven teams will join the rest of the Great Plains Conference at Dream Lakes Estate in Huxley, Iowa, this weekend to compete for a trip to the Midwest Regionals.



Margaret Silhasek

Lake-loving Minnesota girl who bleeds Husker Red!