Michigan State host Annual Ripfest fo Skison Kick-off

Michigan State University hosted the annual Ripfest tournament at Tivoli Gardens this weekend, with camping for the first time on Lake Shannon. The five collegiate teams of Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, University of Michigan, Western Michigan University and Central Michigan University rounded up over 80 skiers to compete. This was the first time most of these Team Midwest skiers have seen each other since Winter Conferences.

The weekend started as it always does with practice sets taken Friday. MSU team president Jessica Carr was gracious enough to wake up all of the teams at 7am Saturday morning with her new megaphone. After the fog settled on the lake, slalom was started with women’s B team skiers first off the dock proceed by men’s B team, women’s A team, and then men’s A team. Trick was up next with many new member from all five teams attempting this event for the first time. Two boats were ran on the lake with women’s A and men’s A starting followed by B teams. The day ended with everyone’s favorite event, jump; more specifically, first time jumpers.

Jump continued Sunday morning with the rest of the B team jumpers hitting big red. There was plenty of exciting falls along with many landing for the first time. Going straight into women’s A and men’s A jump, the excitement continued with more crashes and bigger jumps being put on the board.

MSU would like to give a huge thank you to all the scorers, judges, boat drivers, and Jason for letting us continue our favorite tournament and helping keep collegiate water skiing alive and thriving! We really could not do this without their amazing continuous support.

Notable finishes for the weekend

Women’s Slalom

  1. Sara Condra MSU
  2. Miranda Monroe MSU
  3. Jessica Carr MSU

Men’s Slalom

  1. Zachary Willig MSU
  2. Alex Clark MSU
  3. Nick Clay MSU

Women’s Trick

  1. Jessica Carr MSU
  2. Sara Condra MSU
  3. Haleigh Orr GVSU

Men’s Trick

  1. Alex Clark MSU
  2. Andrew Carlone U of M
  3. Patrick Taylor GVSU

Women’s Jump

  1. Jessica Carr MSU
  2. Miranda Monroe MSU
  3. Brenna Macarthur U of M

Men’s Jump

  1. Erik Lukkari U of M
  2. Brad Eick MSU
  3. Patrick Taylor GVSU

Team finishes

  1. MSU
  2. GVSU
  3. U of M
  4. WMU
  5. CMU

For complete results, view the scorebook on the USA Water Ski website.