2016 D2 Nationals - Miami University

Miami Waterski Gets A New 2017 MasterCraft!

Every week we will release a digest of team news, announcements, or updates that have been sent our way to help spread amazing news of our teams from across the nation! Still burning slow on submissions this week, but Miami University sent us a great update, so here we go!

Miami University Waterski Team Purchases a 2017 MasterCraft

Miami University - 2017 MasterCraftOn March 3, 2017 the Miami Waterski Team (Facebook | Instagram) purchased a customized 2017 MasterCraft Prostar. This purchase places Miami in a select group of teams [that may only include itself] across the nation to completely self-fund a new boat purchase. The purchase took numerous attempts to become approved by Miami University and years of planning for this expensive endeavour – including a self-funding plan to continually update the boat.

The team would like to thank all those who have donated to make this possible, as well as their many executive board members who put in countless hours to make the purchase possible.

Now the Miami Waterski Team must wait 6-8 weeks for their beautiful purchase to arrive!

Miami University - 2017 MasterCraft

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Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.