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Meet Your Latest Honorary National Director: Gordon Hall

At the national board meeting this past weekend, Gordon Hall was granted the title of Honorary National Director for life through unanimous vote.  Let’s explore his amazing qualifications as we welcome him back to the collegiate fold as an HND.

Gordon HallGordon Hall

Where did Gordon ski?

Gordon skied for the University of Texas and started competing in the South Central region in 1975.  According to this blast from the past article, he skied in the first Nationals in 1979 and placed 3rd in Men’s Trick while serving as team captain for University of Texas, which placed 5th!  He also skied at the first All-Star tournament in 1978, the tournament was organized between the South Central and the West.

What has Gordon done?  …. It might be easier to ask what hasn’t he done!

Gordon’s resume is one for the ages, and also reads like a history lesson of our very sport, so we apologize in advance if we missed something!

6 years as Director and/or Chairman (1978 – 1983)
  • 1978- 1979 National Intercollegiate Board of Directors (NIBOD) special committee of AWSA to govern the new sport of team intercollegiate waterskiing
    • One of their primary goals being the holding of a national championship tournament.
  • 1980 Appointed as Chairman of the Board of NIBOD by AWSA President Jim Lauzon
  • 1981 Re-elected as NCWSA Chairman for second term
  • 1982-1983 NCWSA board member, under subsequent Chairman David Stewart
  • 1978 First All-Star tournament organized between the SC and West
  • The tournament keyed in promoting the idea of a nationals.
  • Gordon participated as a board member and skier at the tournaments in 1978 in Leesville, LA (team pictured above article) and in 1979 in Barstow, CA.
Collegiate Nationals
  • 1979 First Intercollegiate Nationals Oct. 1979, Monroe, LA. Participated as a board member, skier (placed 3rd in MT) and team captain (team (UT) placed 5th)
  • 1980 Second Nationals (Groveland, FL), served as Scorer and Chairman
  • 1981 Third Nationals (Bell Acqua, CA), served as Scorer and Chairman
Change of organizations name… this was a good decision.
  • 1981 Changed NIBOD’s name to “National Collegiate Water Ski Association” and incorporated in the state of Texas
    • You can see state registration from state archive, the address is Gordon’s college apartment on Lake Austin!
  • The organization had a new name, but we retained our close relationship with AWSA; this began the concept of sport divisions

He’s Back!

Gordon Hall - 2017 USA Water Ski BanquetWith his sons’ involvement in the NCWSA, Gordon re-entered the world of collegiate water skiing and has been involved in many ways over the past decade.
  • 2007  Assigned Judge, NCWSA Nationals (Bennett’s in Zachary, LA)
  • 2008  SC Collegiate Regionals (Texas)
  • 2008  Appointed Judge, NCWSA Nationals (Arizona)
  • 2009  Chief Judge, NCWSA Nationals (Bakersfield, CA)

Favorite Recent Memory

His most memorable officiating came at the Baylor Bear-It-All tournament in the Spring of 2008. At this tournament both of Gordon’s sons and his future daughter-in-law participated!

What will your future involvement be?

“God willing, I will be actively involved in the 2018 Nationals event, maybe as dock starter, since that’s my favorite position!  I love the program and look forward to remaining involved.”

Honorary National Directors

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Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.