Marketing Mondays with Molly

Marketing Mondays with Molly: General Team Marketing Tips

NCWSA General Team Marketing Tips

With GoPro’s, waterproof mobile phones, and drone technology, our sport is more visible than ever. We can finally show the world our amateur gnarly crashes, and amazing friendships built on boats. To grow the sport and grow your team, we want to make sure we are reaching the right audience, the right way. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Marketing Leadership

When building your team, do not simply elect officers based on athletic ability, but on their dedication to the team, and the skills they can bring.

Have one person with the role of marketing, social media, and sponsorships. This ensures it is not forgotten, and that there is no miscommunication of who will post, or email, etc.

Communications, creative writing, marketing and sales majors tend to be best for these roles, but base it on potential and skill of the candidate.

Social Basics Must Have: Facebook & Instagram

Facebook is great for connecting with current and former teammates and supporters, tagging pictures, and as a first information base for people to search info on the team.
Instagram is how to find new members, supporters, and sponsors. Instagram is easier for searching relevant content and events.


The NCWSA has opened their site to host team webpages. Here we can drive all incoming potential skiers and they can find their school, and all the contact information.
Clemson University and Marquette University are already set up with a basic template, and now each school may update the content independently of the NCWSA.


  • Go to, scroll to bottom
  • Click one of the social logins, check for confirmation email (check spam folder too).
  • Email, with name and email of registration.
  • We will generate a template page and assign the team as page author.
  • Once the page is generated and author assigned, you will see an edit button on the page, and you can modify it to your heart’s content.

We prefer the registration email to be a team email, not personal. We do this so that as team members change, the webpage can stay current. Many teams have an @gmail account handed off from one board to the next, this is a great option to use as the page author. Otherwise, whenever the author needs to be changed, the current team’s board will have to register and we can assign a new page author.

On Campus

Recruitment is the only way to survive. Be vocal and active on campus. Find fresh ways to reach students, raise awareness, and become a well known club on campus.
Word of mouth marketing is the cheapest and most effective kind. All team members should play a role in sharing pictures, recruiting friends, and letting the school know about the team.

Community Outreach & PR

“There’s no such thing as bad press” said someone not in a college sport. Make sure all activities and exposure is positive and in line with NCWSA policies. Water skiing is a family sport, and we want everyone to feel welcome, joining our water ski family. Getting the community to back your team is a great way to fundraise, earn sponsorships, make connections, and sustain a thriving team.

Check back in next week for Marketing Mondays with Molly for more tips and tricks for your team!




Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest