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Marketing Mondays with Molly: Tourney Recap Edition

We had six collegiate tournaments this weekend, and by the looks of my social media feeds, everyone was out on the water. We wanted to give a shout out to all those shouting out on social media for helping spread the skison cheer!

There are so many different forms of media, it can be hard to know what is best. However, we saw some great usage by our NCWSA teams, and want to thank them for setting great examples. Using social media during events can be hard, with questionable phone and data service, limited charging stations, and trying to soak in all the spirit, sun and fun during the short competition season. Personally, I have charged my phone in a Walmart while grabbing water, snacks, and costumes on a Saturday night to make sure I’m ready to film jump in the morning. Taking pics and posting to social media while draining your phone battery and data helps share our amazing sport, and keeps those back home engaged and informed. Additionally, it builds up the entire ski community!

This past weekend, it was a beautiful sight to experience UT’s Fall Classic, Ball State Fling, Mizzou Tiger Throwdown, Clemson’s Fall Opener, and UW-Stout’s Northwood Classic all with a swipe of my finger. As an alumni who did not get out to a tourney this weekend (stay in school kids), it was nice to pretend I was there, and hear how all my favorite skiers are doing.

Tourney Recap: Social Media Edition

@I_hate_nickdv selling “I  don’t love trick skiing” mugs to support collegiate team equipment funds

@MiamiWaterski with tweet updates on team’s score from Ball State Fling


@MizzouWaterSki tweets tourney updates as hosts, with scores and tourney info

@Clemsonski Insta-interviews on their Instagram story after each skier got off the water, keeping us posted on the conditions and scores!


@IU_waterskiwakeboard with skier updates for new members on their Insta-story


@UGAWaterski with everyone’s favorite, new jumpers


UW-Stout Northwoods Classic created a Facebook event, shared it with the NCWSA Facebook page events, and updated attendees on tourney info, running order and event start times

Snapchat stories from team members, sharing to their many followers, in the unlikely chance that any of us have friends that don’t water ski (As if!)

PLENTY of Instagram pictures! As “stories” expire, be sure to also post regularly on Instagram, and tag @thencwsa! Don’t forget to tag sponsors, school pages, and team members too! I saw so many sick videos and multi-photo ‘grams today, making Monday morning work that much more undesirable. If you mostly post on Insta, be sure you have your Instagram connected with your twitter and Facebook pages!

What else can you do?

  • Write a tourney recap to be posted on
  • Facebook/Instagram live story
    • The platform informs all your followers when you start the stream, letting everyone know to watch!
  • 360 video (photos are great too)
  • Facebook “Days”
    • This pops up on the top of everyone’s Facebook, keeping your team top of mind
  • @theNCWSA on all social medias (and get reposted!)
  • Team Snapchat
    • Does anyone already do this? If so, show us! We’d love to see how you’re using it!
  • Snapchat Geo-filters
    • These are easy to create from your phone for a tourney. See if everyone will pitch in $2 more in tourney dues and you should be able to have one for the entire weekend! This is a fun way to represent the NCWSA to friends and family.
  • Everyone on your team has a wide net of personal friends, make sure they share photos and videos from team pages to personal accounts, are tagged on team uploads, and are posting their own photos and videos to their networks with @theNCWSA to #ShareLifeOnTheWater
  • Create a NCWSA-hosted webpage like Michigan State, so team info can be easily found by fans, and you can update as frequently as you’d like to even share live videos! 
    • How-To instructions can be found HERE
  • Record video footage for the USA Water Ski collegiate life on the water Video Contest. Keep an eye out for announcement. Youtube videos are a great way to thank sponsors, get tons of views and shares, and win cool stuff from USA Water Ski! 
  • Have super awesome Team Spirit in anticipation for the Nationals Spirit Award!

For more tips, check out my last article on Social Media Use!




Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest