All-Star Standards




National Collegiate Water Ski Association

Revised January 25th, 2013


TITLE: The National Collegiate Water Ski Association's annual spring tournament shall be called "THE NCWSA NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ALL STARS "It may also be called "The NCWSA ALL STARS" at the discretion of the National Board. The tournament title and all media rights are the exclusive property of the NCWSA.

PURPOSE: The purpose of THE NCWSA ALL STARS is to bring together top individual skiers from each Region to compete for their Region in an exciting All-Star format.




The date and place of the NCWSA ALL STARS (herein after referred to in these standards as the ALL STARS) is determined by the NCWSA Board of Directors (herein after referred to as the Board).

1. DATE: In odd years, the tournament will be a two (2) day, Saturday and Sunday, event. It will occur in the month of May, usually no later than the third full weekend, to ensure participation of as many skiers as possible. In even years, the tournament will be combined with the NCWSA World University Team Trials, which will be held on the Friday preceding the All-Stars (see Team Trial Standards for details)

2. SITE: The tournament site is determined by a "BID" system, open to all NCWSA member teams, regions and/or conferences

BIDS (Applications)

A BID (Appendix A) for hosting the ALL STARS tournament shall be made to the Board using the proper forms (attached). It shall be delivered to the Board Chairman no later than one month prior to the Annual Board Meeting of the preceding year (January). In other words, bids for the 2006 All-Stars should be presented and voted upon at the 2005 board meeting.

  1. Should there be no BIDS, or if incomplete BIDS are submitted by the deadline, the Board Chairman has the right to extend this time limit to the Annual Board Meeting. At the Annual Board Meeting, if no acceptable BIDS have been received, the Board may extend the bidding time until a suitable host has been located.
  2. BIDS must be sent by the Chairman (or designated representative) by certified mail, return receipt requested or by e-mail in PDF form.


Each Region chooses its own ALL STAR TEAM, ten (10) skier's per event, per team. No more than four skier's perschool per event may represent the Region

  1. Skiers selected by a Region must meet all NCWSA team skier qualifications with the following exception which reads as follows: "Each ALL STAR skier representing his/her Region must currently be eligible as defined in the NCWSA Tournament Rules as an active "A" team skier in their respective Region in the actual quarter/semester term of the ALL STARS (or the semester immediately preceding the ALL STARS if that semester ended within thirty (30) days of the ALL STARS date. A Regional team may also include any skier who has skied in the Region in the current academic year (August 1 to July 31st) under the criteria above, but with the exception that this skier has since graduated in December, January, February or March provided that the skier would have been eligible under NCWSA Tournament Rules had he not graduated."
  2. Each skier is responsible for his/her own entry fee as designated by the Board (at present $55.00). Also his/her own room, board, and transportation to the tournament are the skier's/team/region's responsibility. Each region is responsible for 10 skier's worth of entries. For example if only 5 skiers from a region pay entry fees then the region must pay the host team/site 5 additional entry fees. These fines are due by the end of May.
  3. Each competitor must wear an All-Star competition bib. Each region is responsible for providing their All Stars bibs. Skiing without a bib will result in disqualification.


When a BID has been accepted, the Board Chairman will appoint a tournament committee [not to exceed three (3) members] with one to be the Chairman of the hosting Region one the National Chairman or Vice Chairman and the other one (1) to be selected by the host and approved by the Board. The committee, in cooperation with the hosting facility and team, is charged with the supervision of the running of the tournament.


    The tournament committee will be composed of:
  1. The NCWSA National Chairman or Vice Chairman
  2. The Chairman of the hosting Region
  3. One (1) representative of the host as approved by the board.

Duties of the Tournament Committee shall be to coordinate all preparations for the event, appoint the Chief Officials and ensure that it is run in accordance with NCWSA rules and these standards.


Chief Officials shall be selected by the Tournament Committee with approval of the board.

As many assistant officials as may be needed may be designated to insure that there is no undue fatigue to any official.

The first three appointed officials should have senior ratings:

  1. Chief Judge
  2. Chief Driver
  3. Chief Scorer
  4. Technical Controller
  5. Safety Director
  6. Chief Announcer

Needed additional personnel:

  1. Registrar from host Region to work in conjunction with NCWSA registrar
  2. 5 Appointed Judges (Senior or Regular). One from each Region and an additional one appointed by the host, with approval of the Tournament Committee.
  3. At least two other drivers (Senior or Regular)
  4. Assistant chief scorer (Regular or Assistant)
  5. An assistant Chief Judge from the host Region/school to aid and work with the Chief Judge in filling judging assignments.
  6. Assistant Safety Director to assist the Safety Director in site inspection and such other duties as are needed.
  7. Other judges in attendance holding not less than an Assistant judges rating may be used in secondary positions.

Other personnel the host needs to provide are:

  1. Safety Boat drivers (where applicable)
  2. Swimmers either for the Safety Boat or the shore.

The NCWSA tournament committee will work and assist as able and needed.



NCWSA has the following responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that there will be collegiate skiers from all Regions by publicizing the tournament on the website and in all Regions.
  2. To conduct, with the host representative, registration and collection of the fee. It is the responsibility of the host to provide facilities for registration.
  3. To provide all awards in the form of certificates and/or medals (for All-Star and All-American Team Members)
  4. To aid the host in the running of the tournament as needed.


The host will provide for the following:

  1. If practice is available it will be provided on a rotating basis by Region.
  2. A free get acquainted cook out for skiers and officials will be provided on Friday or Saturday night.
  3. All items required to run a normal NCWSA Sanctioned Class "C" tournament including, but not limited to:
    1. Securing sanction and the tournament kit from USA WS for an NCWSA Class "C" tournament
    2. Computers for scoring, video jump etc.
    3. Designated towboats, as furnished by NCWSA Towboat partners, and Safety Boats
    4. Ropes (except trick ropes), shock tubes
    5. PA Systems, judge's communication in the form of two way radios for all working officials and safety personnel
    6. Safety facilities for first aid, handle checker, weight scale etc.
    7. Safety equipment such as Spine board, CID, fire extinguisher at fueling stations, etc.

D. Working personnel to be Safety Boat drivers and/or Safety swimmers.
E. Local arrangements for EMT's and local hospitals/Medical Facilities in case of need, with phone numbers and maps and acceptance of USA WS Medical Insurance.
F. Arrange for a place for a judges/tournament committee/team captains meeting for approximately 8 P.M. the night before the tournament.
G. Provide full room rate for each appointed official and the three (3) tournament committee members for the night prior to the start of the tournament through Saturday night at a headquarters motel/hotel. Lunches for the same officials and tournament committee members at the site.
H. Furnish an "Information Flyer" to the Board for posting on the website.

  1. Headquarters hotel/motel, addresses, room rates, phone number
  2. Nearest airline facilities, car rental agencies
  3. A map of the site in relation to the headquarters facility
  4. Local recreational facilities
  5. Plans for the free get acquainted picnicgettogether for skiers and officials on Friday or Saturday and any plans for a "no host" social gathering or activities on the other night
  6. Emergency phone numbers at the site or host headquarters.
  7. Social activities, i.e., volley ball, on site, etc.


  1. Each Region will select a team consisting of skiers who are, in as far as possible, the top 10 skiers in each discipline.
  2. A Region's team in any one event may have no more than ten (10) skiers. No more than three skiers from any one school may be on a team for a single event. All skiers will be scored.


  1. To be eligible to ski with an ALL STAR Team a skier must have skied on an "A" Team that participated in at least two region tournaments in that specific region in the same school year. "Team" is defined according to NCWSA Rules.
  2. Academic eligibility for a skier will be according to the NCWSA eligibility rule. A skier who has graduated the semester or quarter before the scheduled tournament will still be considered eligible for the year of the tournament.
  3. Each Regional Chairman or Vice Chairman will determine a specific skier's eligibility.


  1. Pre-registration of a Region's team is the duty of the Regional Chairman or Vice Chairman. The roster template (see attached template instructions) of team members (with membership numbers) must be e-mailed to the Registrar no later than the Tuesday morning before the tournament start
  2. Final registration will be conducted at the site the afternoon of the day preceding the beginning of the tournament. Any changes in the original rosters will be given to the registrar and/or Tournament Committee no later than during the hours of 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM on the night prior to the start of the tournament so that running orders can be generated.
  3. Release forms as well as proof of NCWSA/USA WS membership must be presented at the time of final registration.  NO SKIER WILL PARTICIPATE UNTIL THESE FORMS ARE PRESENTED


There will be three events for men and three events for women.


  • Saturday (8:00 AM) 
    • Men's Slalom 
    • Women's Slalom
    • Men's Tricks
    • Women'sTricks
  • Sunday (8:00 AM)
    • Combined Jump Event

Any changes in the running orders above, necessary because of site safety and/or hazard conditions or dual capability sites may be proposed to the Board Tournament Committee on the Tournament Bid. Other changes may be made, as necessary, at the site by the Chief Judge/Tournament Committee.

  1. The running order of the first event of the tournament can not be changed after 8:00 P.M. of the night prior to the start of the tournament when final registration closes in order for the paper work for that event to be done that night.
  2. There can be changes in the running order of the other events made at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the event, but only by the Team Captain, coach or Regional Chairman/Vice Chairman, not a skier.
  3. A skier must be on the eligibility list by 8:00 P.M. on the night prior to the start of the tournament to be allowed to ski in any event.
  4. Changes in event running orders will not be allowed without the approval of Chief Judge and the NCWSA Tournament Committee or its designated representative and for no other reason than for injuries.
  5. At the request of the LOC, the slalom event may be sanctioned and run as a record class event. Skiers shall not be required to pay the extra record fee and must still have the option of skiing class C slalom. The decision to make slalom a record event shall in no way interfere with the running order or order of events listed above.


At about 8:00 P.M. the night before the start of the ALL STAR TOURNAMENT, a joint meeting of the Chief Judge, appointed officials, NCWSA Board members/Tournament Committee and Team Captains will be held. The purpose of the meeting is as follows:

  1. To ensure that all Regions have been properly registered.
  2. To verify the eligibility of all entrants.
  3. The event draws for Towboats
  4. The Chief Judge will set up his/her personnel sheet for the first event of the morning and will explain expectations of officials, preview of the site including when and where judges are expected to report before their event, what starting dock will be used, safety procedures i.e., swimmers or safety boats, etc.
  5. Announcements, name tags, "T" shirts, etc., for skiers and officials will be given out as well as "HOW TO" for lunches. Entertainment opportunities for skiers, etc., will be given to team captains.


Individual competitors or officials may be dismissed from the tournament for on or off site behavior as described in the AWSA Official Tournament Rules, #4.16: "Any contestant or official whose conduct is deemed unsportsmanlike or whose conduct may cause discredit to NCWSA or USA WS either on or off the site, before, during or after the tournament, may be disqualified by a twothirds majority vote of the appointed judges, from participation and placement in the tournament. The Chief Judge will submit a report to the NCWSA Board/Tournament Committee regarding any such disqualification".

At a special meeting of the Board/Tournament Committee, called by the Chairman of the Board/Tournament Committee members in attendance at the ALL STARS, by a 2/3rds majority vote of those attending the meeting will have the same rights of disqualification as described above. The NCWSA has adopted a ZERO TOLERENCE approach to bad behavior such as, hotel damage or damage to personal property. Any such
behavior will be dealt with quickly and severely and a report given to the authorities of the institution where the involved students are enrolled.


Choosing to cut short the number of slalom passes or jump rides if it is deemed necessary to finish the tournament in the allotted number of days, or changing the order of events due to inclement weather etc., must be voted upon by the appointed judges only after consulting with the team captains and with the concurrence of the tournament committee.


NCWSA jump, slalom, and trick records may be set the tournament as per the NCWSA National Record Verification Form. AWSA ratings (as in AWSA traditional tournaments) can be set as per AWSA requirements for collegiate skiing. Both AWSA rating requirements and the NCWSA National Record Verification forms should be found in the tournament kit.


Towboats shall be designated by the NCWSA Board. After notification to the host by the Board of the towboats to be used, the towboats are then the full responsibility of the Host.


No trophies will be awarded at the ALL STARS. Individual certificates/medals naming the ALL STAR TEAM in each event (the first five places including ties) and the overall men and women winners as ALL STAR Team Captains will be provided by the NCWSA. In addition to these awards, any skier that has a performance in the All Star Tournament that equals or exceeds a performance of any skier in that event that was named to the All America Team at Nationals in the same "ski year" as defined in the NCWSA Official Tournament Rules shall also be named to the All America Team in said same event and receive a certificate/medal as such.