2017 NCWSA Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Team Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the NCWSA dads out there! Whether you’re a dad of a current team member, you used to ski in the NCWSA, or you’re a skier who everyone just calls “dad,” we appreciate you!

I know I have my dad to thank for my love of water skiing. I learned to ski when I was 4 or 5 years old – I had little red skis tied together, skiing in front of my dad. When he let go, my mom turned the boat, and we were going so slow, a huge wave came over the windshield of our old red Nautique. When I was sad at the lake, he would jump on the trick skis and do the two tricks he knows to make me laugh. I also have the privilege of having lake neighbors that are like family, and Mr. Doug Gardner who wakes us “kids” up at the crack of dawn to slalom ski and use all of his boat gas. Happy Father’s Day!

David Huisman – Western Michigan University

David - Western Michigan Water SkiMolly Voska, our very own NCWSA Marketing Committee Chair, shared the following story.

Western Michigan University’s team dad has always been there for us. He built back the team from nothing–only 2 members and in debt, to growing team with 20 some members and a new boat!

David Huisman was the one who convinced me to join, encouraging me to just come to the first tourney my freshman fall. He is always there for us whatever we need. He moved to a lake so we could ski more often, has the boat lease and insurance in his name, and is always up for another set. He in positive and enthusiastic, taking on the Team Development position for MCWSA this year, and hopes to host Winter Conference in the future.

When not helping us out, he’s with his only other friends, Old Balls skiers. David lives and breathes water ski, down to a stick figure skier tattoo on his ankle. David has been hoping to build up Michigan ski teams, and has been hosting clinics and unofficial tournaments for members to get more practice. He’s always helping out other teams, working on the boat, and giving back.


Also, throws a killer tailgate, total dad move!

Mr. Loeding – University of Michigan

Rory Loeding of University of Michigan wrote in and share with us a story about his dad.

I wanted to tell you about how my dad passed his love of water skiing down to me.

First he made me and all my siblings ski before we were three years old, by dragging us through the water relentlessly until we could ski, even though we still were not fully competent walkers. Then he facilitated our passion for skiing through bribery of cash and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, to get me and my brother to advance our skiing abilities. Overall, my dad taught us how to have fun on the water by skiing himself, every time the water was calm enough.

Anyone that knows our family knows we love skiing, from all the HO and University of Michigan Ski Team shirts we wear to the 17 skis hanging in our living room, because as my dad always says “A family that skis together, stays together.”

Mr. Williams – San Diego State University

Glen WilliamsCurtis Williams of San Diego State shares a story about his dad:

My dad, Glen Williams, flew all the way from New Zealand to 2016 NCWSA Nationals last year to help with the tournament. I wanted him there to help announce, and he ended up being one of the appointed judges as well!

[editor’s addition…]

Glen was a big help at the 2016 NCWSA Nationals and helped make the webcast a lively and engaging success. It is not an easy task to be active and engaged when announcing a three day event that goes from sun up to sun down each day!

Alex Krejcie and Jason Stelzer – University of Illinois

Alex KrejcieOn my own collegiate team, we had two team members that took care of us all. Alex was our resident “trailer puller,” who brought the team equipment trailer to every tournament. He took care of all of us and our team equipment! We also had Jason, who, for reasons I cannot remember, we called “dad.” We were lucky to have enough those two to keep us all in line!

Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks everyone, for your submissions. To all of the dads out there – Happy Father’s Day and enjoy your day!