Eastern Alumni Regionals Aug 29-30 Whitestone Lake

This summer Whitestone Lake Estates in Talking Rock, GA will be hosting the first ever NCWSA East Alumni Regionals Aug 29-30, 2015. 

The layout of the tournament and specific details of the events will be announced at a later date. UPDATE: Saturday, we start (8am start time unless earlier is needed) with Slalom, trick and finally jump, with the balance of incomplete events on Sunday. 

UPDATE: All folks will be allowed to ski for their team (Out of region schools are welcome as well)!!!! Team Scores are calculated from the 8 best scores (regardless of sex or distribution) for the team. This is a NCWSA event and those division speeds and rules will be the preferred. i.e. 36 mph Male Slalom and 34 mph Female Slalom speed, 1 Trick Pass, and 5′ 32 mph Jump. If you prefer to ski at your AWSA division speeds include with your registration. If you need an AWSA rating, this must be declared 1 week prior to the start of the event!

UPDATE: No Team Captains….all updates available on FB or on-site (which will supersede FB).

Entry fees: $55 per skier. For those of you not current USA Water Ski members, a Grass Roots membership is available for $35, which allows you to Slalom and Trick. USAWS.org offers an on-line membership setup. 

Folks…this is an Alumni Collegiate event so parents be forewarned. That being said, if your child must ski, we will allow them to ski for the skiing parent’s team, but not count for Team Scores. 

The purpose of this tournament is to HAVE FUN and see old friends! We want to accommodate as many people and their wishes as possible but limits do exists. 

Not alumni yet? Come and show your team support, just as you hope that your team’s alumni will do during the fall season!