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Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA Nationals Picks!

Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA Nationals starts today, and you can view the webcast live at, the skiing starts at 7am CDT!!

Last week we asked our writers, various members of the media, water ski community, board members, and the world who they thought would win the 2017 NCWSA National Championship and the 2017 Division 2 Title.

Let’s kick off Connelly Skis 2017 Nationals and get to the picks!

2017 Champion

D2 Winner

Brooks Wilson, Radar Skis

Dig Dug, Creaky Rowboat

ODBF, Creaky Rowboat

Adam Koehler,

Margaret Silhasek,

Molly Voska,

Michael Newth, USA Water Ski

Cris Kodiak, Mid-West Coast Style Skier

Collected Specialty Voters

World Wide Poll

Looks like the crowd and the experts have a dissenting opinion on the 2017 National Champion, watch live at Bennett’s in Zachary, Louisiana or stream the event live at to find out which of our experts missed the boat on their predictions.

Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA Naitonals' Experts' Picks


Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA Naitonals' Public's Picks



Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.