Congratulations to Those Who Water Ski & Get Degrees!

It’s that time of year again. The time where some of us are lucky enough to say goodbye to the college life after four (or more, we aren’t here to judge!) years of late nights, early mornings, boring lectures and incredible amounts of caffeine. Some students might be moving on to get their Masters or Ph.D., while others are slamming their textbooks closed and burning the notes from a class they still cannot pronounce, ready to move on to the next chapter in life. However, with the end of college comes the end of collegiate water skiing.

Being successful both on and off the water is a difficult task in the world of collegiate water ski–entire weekends are spent at ski lakes that have minimal to no access to internet many students need for homework. During the week, skiers balance the requirements of college, work, other extracurriculars, and the need to practice. Practice alone can be a four-hour ordeal for some students who have to travel an hour both ways to a practice lake. Needless to say, balancing the life of a college student and water skier is no easy task, and while not all of the graduating collegiate skiers are pictured, you are all awesome and we are proud of all the students who checked this milestone off this year! (or will check it off in June, for those still in school for ~3 more weeks!)

Don’t be a stranger, Kathleen is always looking for alumni volunteers for her articles, if you have some quotes, ideas for an article, experiences to share, or want to volunteer for a spotlight reach out to her at Don’t forget your water ski life–keep tabs on the AWSA, join all the water ski alumni groups you can, and get together with your former team and coach them up! Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you hanging around NCWSA tournaments for many years to come!

nebraskawaterski: Waterski banquets are always fun! Shout out to our senior boys who won’t be joining us next year. Much love @midwestcollegiatewaterski @thencwsa @unlsportclubs
nathanmarkabel: Shoutout Mom, shoutout Dad, shoutout friends, shoutout family, shoutout Wolfram, and shoutout to the best damn university in all the land for 5 life-changing years #mamawemadeit
mostatewaterski: One of our last days at the lake with seniors @claraaw3 and @alexmarie_5 Thanks for an awesome 4 years!
fscwaterski: We are so proud of our graduates: Amy, Brett, Ellie, Ioannis, Lauren, Mike, and Natascha!! We will miss you, but we look forward to seeing how far you will go in life! Don’t be strangers and always remember, once a Moc, always a Moc! 🐍🎓
aliengel44: Happy birthday and congratulations to the little Lizard! So thankful that Iowa brought us together 5 years ago and in just a few weeks we’ll be roommates together in Milwaukee! I love you lots and I’m so excited for a new adventure in a new city! ☺💕
sianioliver: ConGRADulations!! You made it – now let the celebrations begin 🎓🎉 #skiteamrepresenting #ulm
Molly Voska (@mcvoska)–she’s just all around pretty amazing!
danemechler: Undergrad ✔️ Thanks for the memories Louisiana! Could not have asked for a better place to spend the past four years! #graduation #ragincajuns #classof2017
kyram15:✌out GV! Thanks for the memories ⚓ #lakerforalifetime #gvsugrad #gvsu #fiveyearslater







malhayhurst: We high-fived on stage 🙌🏻 #hayhurstsibsgraduate #asualumni




msuwaterski: Our next senior we celebrate is our old President Dean Chase. Dean started skiing at age 5 and joined our team his freshman year. His biggest accomplishment was being on the board and seeing the ups and downs that the team went through and improving so much on jump from his freshman year. His most embarrassing moment was going fro seventh ball during the conference tournament. His advice for the rest of the team is never miss a tournament or get stressed about waterski related things. Post graduation he is planning on working as a construction project engineer and ski whenever he can. We will miss your leadership and goofy personality next year. Good luck Dean!
iowastatewaterski: This is how water-skiers graduate. Congrats again to two of our OG Bad Boyz!!


ellie_rae95: To all of my skiniors – no matter where our paths may take us, you will all hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for making 4 years as a Moc unforgettable. I love all of you 🐍🎓 #getwidforrog #fsc17


brit.greenwood: DONE SON 🎉👊🏼 •

📸: by the fabulous @mini_shred
gv_waterski.wakeboard: Congratulations to all our graduating seniors. 🎓 We know you will go on to do amazing things. Keep skiing (and boarding)! #skiyousoon #lakerforalifetime
bcondra13: Had an amazing weekend, graduated Grand Valley State University with a double major in Business Finance and Economics. Austin, Sara, Mom, Dad, Arielle (who also graduated), Kelly and Colleen (in loving spirit) came to cheer me on. On top of that it was Austin’s birthday weekend, glad he was able to celebrate his day with us.
ut_water_ski: This weekend we celebrated the end of a wonderful ski season & said farewell to our lovely seniors! #formal #utwaterski #butwaittheresstillallstars



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