Committee Chair Opening: Membership Chairperson

The NCWSA is taking applications for an immediate opening to fill the Membership Chairperson position.

Seeking: An individual willing to take charge of the role and make it their own, and utilize the resources/personnel available to them as a committee chair.

Primary duties: Grow the sport by helping teams increase membership, and by adding new teams to the NCWSA. This broadly stated goal allows the chair to build their own strategies to help grow our sport.

Meeting Attendance: Attendance at NCWSA board meetings is optional, but strongly encouraged. The next meeting will be the annual winter meeting on January 26, 2018 in Winter Haven, Florida. As noted in the NCWSA policies and procedures, a small travel stipend is available to committee chairs to encourage attendance and help offset part of the travel expenses associated with attendance.

Committee chairs interact directly with the board of directors as well as their committee which is composed of volunteers from each NCWSA region and an AAC committee member. Committee chairs are not part of the board of directors, but they are included on all board emails and are a part of all board discussions.

Committee Description

Co-Chairs: Molly Voska (Marketing) and Open (Membership);

The membership and marketing committee is a joint committee combining both of the named tasks. The marketing chair is currently filled by Molly Voska, and the new chair will work directly with Molly to lead the joint committee. The membership portion of the committee strives to grow the sport by helping teams increase membership, actively adding new teams to the NCWSA, and maintaining the ones we have. With this in mind, it is also the task of the membership chair to help the NCWSA maintain knowledge of its growth numbers. As you may have guessed, the goals and tasks of growing membership often go hand in hand with positive marketing of the NCWSA which is one of the reasons why this committee is a joint committee.

Interested in Applying?

Please prepare a brief letter that is about a half page. Within the letter please include your name, school you attend or attended, why you wish to chair the committee such as ideas for committee direction, and any relevant qualifications you would like us to know about. Committee members must be current USA-WS members.

Please email that brief letter to




Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest