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Clemson Water Ski Helps Us Turn Back the Clock to… Tuesday!?!?

Clemson University sent us some Team News just as we hit publish this past Tuesday, so we are turning back the clock to Tuesday to get a second dose of Team News Tuesday for the week!

Every week we will release a digest of team news, announcements, or updates that have been sent our way to help spread amazing news of our teams from across the nation, so if your team has a great update just follow these instructions and submit your update; aim for a Monday submission deadline as the Team News Tuesday’s release usually occurs Tuesday morning!

Clemson University Brings Back Their Newsletter

We’re so excited for the 2017 season! There’s all kinds of stuff going on with the team, from new officers to our spring schedule. President Vida Komer says “We’re excited to have had such a successful Fall Season and are planning to bring that success into the new year.”  ….

Thank you to all of our Alumni for your support. We want to stay connected with you all and hear from you all as much as possible. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or any of our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, if you’re around, we would love if you visited!

— Clemson Watersports Club

You can download the full Clemson University Ski Team newsletter here and read all about their fall, spring, boat, elections and more!!

Call for Team News

If your team missed out this week, make sure you check out the post on how to submit your past, current, or future team news and updates to future editions of Team News Tuesday!



Adam Koehler

Skied with the Illini Waterski Team and the Marquette Waterski Team. Past winner of the NCWSA Outstanding Leader Award. Former NCWSA Operations Committee Chair and current NCWSA Secretary.