NCWSA Women's Slalom Record Holder - Samantha Dumala

Checking in with NCWSA Record Holders: Samantha Dumala

Over the past month we have checked in with four of our seven NCWSA record holders (Lauren MorganZack WordenWill Asher, and Manon Costard) and they have reflected on their record setting performances, what they are up to now, and their collegiate skiing memories. Next up, Manon’s co-record holder Samantha Dumala!

Samantha Dumala (Instagram) is one of two Women’s Slalom Record Holders. She is currently a sophomore at Florida Southern College (Website | Instagram) and is scheduled to graduate in May of 2019 with a degree in Biology. Samantha tied the current record in 2015 at the FSC-Rollins Fall tournament at Sunset Lakes in Groveland, Florida with 105 buoys – 3@39.5’ off. She now shares this record with Manon Costard of ULM, who initially set the women’s slalom record in 2014.

Sam says that “Collegiate skiing has been a totally different and awesome experience.” Collegiate tournaments are a lot less pressure and a lot more fun.  Sam considers herself to be really lucky to get to go to a school where she has the opportunity to train with some great skiers, and this has pushed her to become an even better skier.  Sam reflects on being a record holder: “Being a co-record holder is really rewarding for me because I know there have been a lot of talented skiers throughout collegiate skiing, and it’s so motivating and humbling to be in the mix with them.”

“The NCWSA is one of the best organizations for our sport,” shares Sam, as collegiate skiing presents an opportunity to grow the sport and encourage students to continue skiing. Collegiate tournaments are among the most fun and rewarding tournaments Sam has been part of! Check out her record-tying slalom pass below!

Samantha Dumala’s Record Tying Slalom Run