Checking in with NCWSA Record Holders: Erika Lang

Over the past few months we have checked in with five of our seven NCWSA record holders–Lauren Morgan, Zack WordenWill Asher, Manon Costard, and Samantha Dumala–and they have reflected on their record setting performances, what they are up to now, and their collegiate skiing memories. Next up, Erika Lang!

Erika Lang (Instagram) is currently attending Rollins College (Facebook | Instagram), and she will be a Senior this fall graduating in Spring 2018. She currently holds the Women’s Trick record with 5960 points. Erika set a trick record of 5510 points at 2014 NCWSA Nationals, and broke her own record the next year at the 2015 NCWSA Nationals tournament at The Lakes at Cypress Hill in Cypress, Texas.

Not surprisingly, Erika’s favorite event is tricks! She says, “I was a gymnast growing up so flips and spins come super easy to me. My favorite part about trick skiing is the fact that you can be unique with the tricks that you do. Not everyone’s run has to be exactly the same which I think is cool.”

Collegiate skiing is a great experience for Erika.  Her favorite part is getting to meet people from other schools who share the same passion for water skiing. “It’s so different from the serious pro skiing scene, but that’s what’s cool about it. It’s refreshing to be in an environment where people may or may not be the best skiers, but their passion is so evident and everyone is having such a good time with one another.”

Breaking the collegiate record was definitely one of Erika’s most memorable moments in collegiate skiing. Since Erika still has another two years of eligibility, her goal is to break the record again during the upcoming collegiate season. “It is an honor to be an NCWSA record holder and I am hoping to increase the score this fall so that I can keep the record for a long time,” shares Erika.

Now that classes are out for the summer, Erika is focusing on training and competing in pro competitions this summer including. She recently competed at the Masters, and tricked her way to a bronze! She is also looking forward to Worlds and the US Open.

Erika Lang’s Record Breaking Trick Run