University of Cincinnati Touts 10 Years of Excellence in 10th Nationals Appearance

  There are 39 teams in the Midwest Region, of those, only 6 are guaranteed a spot at Nationals each year, and then 3 possible wild card slots. In the past 25 years, only 17 Midwest schools have made it to nationals, and of that, only 7 are in the double digits. This year, the […]

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2017 Connelly Skis NCWSA Nationals Official Packing List

Inflatable pizza slice floaty. If everyone brings one, we can make a whole pizza 23 ski t-shirts, even though you’ll just end up in your swimsuit all weekend Body paint, noisemakers, pom poms, hair spray, posters, leis, beads, and tutus for your #WaterSkiSpirit2017  Matching Nationals T-shirts, school swimsuits, and coordinated banquet outfits (because Squad-Goals) School […]

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NCWSA Rankings 2017 - 10.13.2017

NCWSA Team Rankings: Pre-Nationals Rankings – 10/13/2017

All the regions have wrapped up their skiing and are awaiting the Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA Nationals! Let’s take a look at how the South Central and Western Regional Championships helped shake up the NCWSA rankings. Breakdown University of Louisiana at Monroe leaps to the top spot! University of Louisiana at Lafayette maintains #2 as […]

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Most Waterski Spirit 2017 HO Skis - 750x215 Banner for

HO Sports to Sponsor 2017 NCWSA Spirit Award and More!

HO Sports will be sponsoring the 2017 NCWSA Spirit Award that will be handed out at the Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA National Collegiate Water Ski Championships! Additionally, as if that was not enough awesome news, HO Sports will be on site with games and prizes, and has agreed with our host Bennett’s Water Ski & Wakeboard […]

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Marketing with Molly: Hog Wild about Snapchat

Marketing Thursday with Molly?  Not the greatest ring to it, but we can let it slide for the week to get you this amazing snapchat usage. This past weekend University of Arkansas hosted their first tournament, which we read about yesterday. What we didn’t read about, was how Madison Hayden, University of Arkansas team president, […]

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NCWSA Rankings 2017 - 10.05.2017

NCWSA Team Rankings: 10/5/2017

Hurricane Irma may have cancelled Rollins College and Florida Southern’s early season tournament, but they came out in full force for Eastern Regionals and are moving on to the Connelly Skis 2017 NCWSA Nationals. Let’s see how these teams and others shook up our rankings! Breakdown Alabama retains its top spot! As predicted both Florida […]

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NCWSA Rankings 2017 - 9.29.2017

NCWSA Team Rankings: 9/29/2017

All four regions have skied, and have submitted their books, so it is time to release this week’s team rankings!! Breakdown Alabama retains its top spot! Clemson overtakes the University of Louisiana at Monroe to move up one spot! The Western Region had their first tourney, but San Diego State University is the only Western […]

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