Honorary National Directors

What is an Honorary National Director?

The Honorary National Director (HND) title is one of reverence granted for life through an election by the NCWSA Board of Directors based on the requirements outlined in the NCWSA Bylaws. Most often, the individuals elected to this position have provided significant contributions to the NCWSA at both National and Regional levels, and he or she will continue to provide contributions as an Honorary National Director. The HND position can be held by multiple individuals and the position allows each individual to have a continued voice to contribute to board discussions, provide opinions, or provide guidance when the HND deems it necessary or appropriate. Although their regional affiliation is listed below, national directors do not represent a region. The regional affiliation simply represents which region the individual was most closely tied to during his or her various board tenures prior to receiving HND.

Current Honorary National Directors

Bill Schneiderwind – West
Camille Tyler – South Central
Cris Kodiak – Midwest
Ed Walker – East
Gordon Hall – South Central
Harley Wallace – West
Phil Chase – South Central
Scott Snape – East
Troy Hamilton – East