2017 Great Plains Conference Championshiip

Wisconsin Madison Wins as Great Plains Conference Sends Eight Teams to 2017 Midwest Regionals

The Great Plains Conference Tournament is in the books (finally), and 8 teams from the plains punched a ticket to the Midwest Regionals in Decatur, Illinois, this weekend. With a relentless sun and temperatures breaking 90 degrees, skiers from 16 different teams, 13 competing for a spots at Regionals, descended upon Dream Lakes Estates in […]

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Missouri State Tops Kansas at Tiger Throwdown

The second tournament is in the books, and now it’s on to Conferences! Last weekend, the Mizzou Water Ski Team hosted the Tiger Throwdown. Located Near Ulman, Missouri, Water Mill Lake was the perfect setting for seven teams to work out their kinks before heading to the tournaments that matter most. With beautiful weather at […]

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Missouri State University Waterski Team

Great Plains Kicks off Tournament Season at Missouri State Fall Showdown!

I don’t think I know a greater feeling than rolling up to a tournament campsite on a Friday night, car windows rolled down, music blaring, and yelling at friends you haven’t seen in months. While some might call it chaos, collegiate water skiers have another term for it–home. After some trouble finding Missouri State’s Lake […]

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Congratulations to Those Who Water Ski & Get Degrees!

It’s that time of year again. The time where some of us are lucky enough to say goodbye to the college life after four (or more, we aren’t here to judge!) years of late nights, early mornings, boring lectures and incredible amounts of caffeine. Some students might be moving on to get their Masters or Ph.D., while others […]

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MCWSA Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster

Introducing the 2017 MCWSA Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster!

Back when life was easy and articles were flowing, I wrote an article that introduced Christy Kingsmill and Michael Testa as the Midwest Region’s 2017 Chair and Vice-Chair. Christy and Mike are amazing leaders who will strive to improve Team Midwest, but their work cannot be done without the help of a few more people on the executive […]

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Happy Mother's Day!

A Tribute to Team Moms — Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. This is especially true when it comes to the Team Moms in collegiate waterski. Across the NCWSA, there are a number of moms who go above and beyond what is asked of them just to support water ski. Some moms skied when they were in college […]

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