Ellie Horton, Jump

Alumni Spotlight: Ellie Horton

Following a temporary hiatus, we are back with the Alumni Spotlight Series! This week we are featuring Ellie Horton (also known as Captain Ellison and Mousie – she’s been told she looks like a mouse when she tricks), who recently graduated from Florida Southern College. Favorite event: It really depends on how I’m skiing, but […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Michael Bullock

Michael Bullock skied for Purdue University (Facebook | Website), and most people knew him as “Unicorn.” Favorite Event: Slalom, usually Favorite Tournament: Midwest Collegiate Regionals. This tournament super competitive, you get to see all your friends from the whole region, and there are so many skiers you get an extra day to hang out! Describe your […]

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Summer Tournaments: 2017 Green Lightning

This past weekend, I skied in a tournament for the first time since college, Green Lightning at Water’s Edge in Wilmington, Illinois. This tournament is a fun one, as it is a team competition based on averages. Plenty of current, former, and future NCWSA skiers were on hand at the tournament: Michigan State (Facebook | Instagram), […]

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2017 NCWSA Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Team Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the NCWSA dads out there! Whether you’re a dad of a current team member, you used to ski in the NCWSA, or you’re a skier who everyone just calls “dad,” we appreciate you! I know I have my dad to thank for my love of water skiing. I learned […]

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Checking in with NCWSA Record Holders: Dylan Schaffer

Over the past few months we have checked in with six of our seven NCWSA record holders–Lauren Morgan, Zack Worden, Will Asher, Manon Costard, Samantha Dumala, and Erika Lang–and they have reflected on their record setting performances, what they are up to now, and their collegiate skiing memories. Our final record holder spotlight features our Men’s Trick […]

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