Arizona State University Water Ski Team Shore Station & Boat

Arizona State’s Boat Lift Helps Increase Ease of Practice

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Sun Devil Water Ski Builds Their New Boat Lift

Arizona State University Water Ski building their new liftIn March of 2017 Sun Devil Water Ski (Facebook | Instagram) used funds raised over the previous year to buy and assemble a new boat lift at Firebird Lake in Chandler, AZ. Despite now having an amazing boat lift, a little over a week ago they encountered some major boat issues and started a new fundraiser to fix their boat so they can continue to ski and practice through the Spring collegiate ski season.

Arizona State University Water Ski Shore Station BuildingSun Devil Water Ski Team Asset Manager, Lucas Ziomek, and Vice President, Dylan Sullivan, spent a full day getting the lift into the water between the two sides of the dock. Now that the team’s 2012 MasterCraft can stay above water, the team does not have to have a truck to tow the boat in and out of the water every time there is a practice. This will increase time on the water [once the boat is fixed] and make it more convenient for members who are skiing in between classes.

Sun Devil Water Ski would like to thank their supporters, members, and Arizona State University for the never ending support.

Next step: Continuing to raise funds to fix the boat.

— Mallory Hayhurst, Sun Devil Water Ski Team

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