Alumni Spotlight: Isaiah Adams

Isaiah AdamsIsaiah Adams skied for Western Washington University (WWU) and graduated in 2016.

Applicable nicknames: Princess

Favorite Event: Slalom

Describe your ski team experience.
I came into collegiate skiing with a background in tournament 3-eventing, but I discovered a whole new side to the waterski world when I got to school. The experience of my favorite sport combined with the camaraderie that goes along with team sports sprouted some of my closest and guaranteed to be longest lasting friendships in my life. My best man was on my ski team, my wife’s bridesmaid was on our ski team, we had the love and support of skiers from across the Western Region at our wedding. The culture that permeates the collegiate waterski world (and the waterski world in general) is unlike any other. I am not much of salesman, but give me ten minutes with a prospective freshman who has never seen a waterski, and they will be on the team the next day. That’s how much I believe in this sport and its potential to create lasting relationships, skills, and memories.

What are you doing now?
I am currently living in Portland, OR with my beautiful wife Kelly Adams (a WWU skier as well) and working for Albertina Kerr, a non-profit who assists those with developmental disabilities to find, and keep, lasting careers in fields they enjoy.

Favorite Memory
After narrowly missing out on the D2 National Title in 2013, our team came back in 2015 to win the National Championships in Tomball, Texas. This was WWU’s first national title in our 25 year team existence. I can’t say I have ever seen myself and my teammates more excited for anything in our lives. It was a close call, and even though our coach, Terry Goodman, knew the results, he kept us in suspense up until the moment they called us up to the podium. A memorable night to say the least.

Advice for current skiers?
DO NOT miss a tournament. Skip a weekend in your college town, and trade it for a vacation you will never forget. Sure, there are lots of tournaments but each tournament is unique and will have new memories. Also, for you team members that are prone to organizing, PLAN TEAM EVENTS. Get together with your team regularly in your own town. Do not just wait until practice and tournaments to connect with your teammates. A close, connected team makes the experience EVEN MORE AWESOME!

How can we get more college kids involved in the sport?
Advertise! Team leadership, this is up to you to instigate! Let your campus know you exist. Get out there, share experiences, photos, and videos with your student population. My theory is that everyone wants to be a collegiate skier… they just don’t know it yet! Here I will get you started with a quick example:

Radical Collegiate Skier: “Hey, are you currently participating in any clubs, sports, or extracurriculars?”
Prospective Student: “Uhhh, yeah dude I am” OR “uhh, no dude i’m not” (doesn’t matter)
Radical Collegiate Skier:
“Cool! Well do you like sunshine, sandy beaches, ladies/ gents, music, having the coolest friends around, or having the most fun of anyone you know?”
Prospective Student:
“Oh hell yeah I do!” (If they say no. They are lying)
Radical Collegiate Skier:
“Well you can do all those things as you travel around the country and do awesome stuff!”
Prospective Student:
Sign me up! (If they haven’t entered college yet, be sure to tell them to attend WWU! GO VIKINGS!)

Thank you to Isaiah for sharing his collegiate skiing experience! If you would like to share your story, email, or comment on our Facebook page.