Missouri State University Waterski Team

Great Plains Kicks off Tournament Season at Missouri State Fall Showdown!

A typical collegiate campsite. PC: Nicole Lueders Joy

I don’t think I know a greater feeling than rolling up to a tournament campsite on a Friday night, car windows rolled down, music blaring, and yelling at friends you haven’t seen in months. While some might call it chaos, collegiate water skiers have another term for it–home.

After some trouble finding Missouri State’s Lake Freddie (#whatshouldwecallski), the teams from Nebraska, Missouri State, Kansas, Kansas State, Southern Illinois University, and Missouri State settled in for a weekend at the lake.

Skiers and teammates gather at the starting dock on Saturday morning. PC: Logan Forsythe

Saturday morning kicked off with Men’s A Slalom. KU Freshman Daniel Greene made a statement in his first collegiate tournament and took home 1st place (2.5 buoys, 22 off @ 36mph), followed by senior Brandon Regester (4.5 buoys, 15 off @ 36 mph). Women’s A Slalom was next off the dock, and Carly Shull of Mizzou took home 1st (5 buoys, 22 off @ 34mph) followed by KU’s Ellie Staver (4 buoys, 15off @ 34mph).

Nebraska’s Joey Baum dressed up for the trick event. PC: Logan Forsythe

Trick was next and flew by with both men and women tricking simultaneously. Trickers from KU took two of the top three spots in both men and women. Men’s trick results are: 1. Brandon Regester (KU)-960, 2. Darren Seerup (MOS)-580, 3. Andrew Miller (KU)-570 pts. Women’s trick results are: 1. Carly Shull (MIZ)-1040, 2. Ellie Stavers (KU)-860, 3. Abby Hamilton (KU)-820.

Skiers look on as a MO State jumper hits the ramp. PC: Margaret Silhasek

Last, but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite event to watch–jump!Despite a large number of skiers hitting big red for the first time, bumps and bruises were the only major injuries sustained. The men of KU booted some impressive jumps and swept the top three spots: 1. Laken Downes-118ft, 2. Brandon Regester-99ft, 3. Richard Hollocher-92ft. The women’s jump event was a little more interesting with only 6 of 17 women landing jumps. 1. Nikki Weber (MOS)-63ft, 2. Katy Pfefferkorn (MOS)-45ft, 3. Amanda Rippel (KU)-44ft.

With only six teams competing, the A Team competition flew by and left enough time for skiers to get dressed in their best redneck-themed gear before a

KU skiers hang out on Saturday while watching the jump event. PC: KU Water Ski Instagram

taco supper and awards. The combined team scores are listed below and can also be found here.

  1. Missouri State University – 3,535
  2. Kansas University – 3,525
  3. University of Nebraska-Lincoln – 2,545
  4. University of Missouri – 1,650
  5. Kansas State University – 1,120
  6. Southern Illinois University – 400

This weekend, Great Plains teams will head to tournaments in Ulman, Missouri (Tiger Throwdown) or Center City, MN (Stout’s Northwoods Classic). The race for National’s has officially begun!

A Kansas State Skier heads off the starting dock and around the island. PC: Kansas State Water Ski Instagram





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