2017 Connelly Skis NCWSA Nationals Official Packing List

  1. Inflatable pizza slice floaty. If everyone brings one, we can make a whole pizza
  2. 23 ski t-shirts, even though you’ll just end up in your swimsuit all weekend
  3. Body paint, noisemakers, pom poms, hair spray, posters, leis, beads, and tutus for your #WaterSkiSpirit2017 
  4. Matching Nationals T-shirts, school swimsuits, and coordinated banquet outfits (because Squad-Goals)
  5. School flag-What else are you supposed to wear around your neck all day?
  6. Flip flops, even though you’ll be barefoot every day
  7. GoPro to capture epic wipe-out footage for the Nationals Wipe-out Compilation
  8. Fully charged cell phone, and external battery pack, so you’re ready in the case that you talk to one of the pro/collegiate skiers, so you can get their phone number, but never actually text them, just tell all your friends for the next 5 years that you have Erika Lang’s number (Sorry Erika)
  9. Spikeball. Always bring spikeball.
  10. All the buoys, all the tricks, and all the feet

Whatever you pack, make sure you BRING IT on the water!



Molly Voska

Former Marketing Director of Western Michigan Waterski, MCWSA Membership and NCWSA Marketing. #TeamMidwest