2017 NCWSA Male Athlete of the Year: Samuel Greenwood

2017 Award Winner: Athlete of the Year – Samuel Greenwood

Closing Out A Career With A Most Coveted Collegiate Title

2017 NCWSA Male Athlete of the Year: Samuel Greenwood
photo by Spencer Shultz

Cutting corners and flying far are only a few highlights of Sam Greenwood’s impressive repertoire on the water. A well-known and respected figure among the throng of collegiate stars, Sam’s prowess through the course and in the air can only be rivaled by his camaraderie and team spirit on shore. After multiple noteworthy performances throughout his college career, Sam is closing out his time at the Crimson Tide dubbed as 2017’s Male Collegiate Athlete of the Year.

2017 NCWSA Male Athlete of the Year: Samuel Greenwood
Photo by Phillip Fields

Earning one of the most coveted collegiate athlete accolades doesn’t come easily, especially when you have a dynamic duo of freshman jumpers on your own team aiming to out distance you (aka Quinn Haines and Ben Leutz). But according to Sam, a little friendly competition was just another motivating factor in helping him achieve one of his lofty ambitions for his collegiate career – claiming the regional jump record set back in 1998 by Dana Hinman of 181 feet. He clinched his goal at the 2017 Collegiate Nationals when he soared his way to a 182 foot finish – an 8 foot personal best and new regional record!

2017 NCWSA Male Athlete of the Year: Samuel GreenwoodNot only did Sam’s massive leap write history, but it also landed him in a 2nd place nationals finish and boosted his team to a bronze medal behind the notorious Louisiana powerhouses. Coupled with multiple other feats throughout this past year, like 3rd overall and a first place team finish at the 2016 Collegiate World Championships, 1st in Trick at 2017 NCWSA All-Stars, gold in jump at the 2017 Collegiate Regionals, which also led to his fourth consecutive team win, and multiple tournament jump scores of 170+ ft., it is no surprise he has been bestowed as the Male Collegiate Athlete of the Year.

2017 NCWSA Male Athlete of the Year: Samuel Greenwood
Photo by Phillip Fields

“It’s very humbling receiving this award,” Sam expresses. “A lot of great guys are nominated for the title so it was a huge honor being the one to receive it. This past season I worked harder on and off the water than ever before, so it makes being recognized that much sweeter.”

Despite being a decorated individual skier, Sam says some of his most treasured memories in college resulted from the dynamic of competing for a team. It’s incomparable to the individual sport as most know it, he mentions. The environment opens its arms to beginners and pros alike and brings the passion back to the water.

Alabama Water Ski Team 2017
Alabama Water Ski Team, photo by Spencer Shultz

“It’s easy to get caught up with the self-gratifying aspect of the sport rather than all the great things it has to offer,” he relays. “Team skiing has allowed me to find joy in others success. The relationships I have made through this sport have and will continue to impact the rest of my life.”

Though Sam’s time as a collegiate athlete is coming to a close, he still plans to pursue his passion for spanking big red post-college. Giving back to the sport is also an important goal of his next chapter. So though you will no longer see him fly off the ramp collegiate fashion, you may just find Sam Greenwood behind the wheel for your next tournament jump set.

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Photos provided by Phillip FieldsSpencer Shultz, Joey McNamara, and Sam Greenwood