Throwback Thursday: 2003 Illini Water Ski Recruitment Video

Once in awhile we like to turn back the clock. Sometimes this is to remind ourselves how far we have come, other times it is to think of how awesome we were (or thought we were), or sometimes it is simply to reflect on the great points in our NCWSA lives. With a little digging, […]

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2016 Male Oustanding Leader Award Nominees

2016 Award Nominees: Male Outstanding Leader of the Year

Yesterday we announced the Female Outstanding Leader of the Year award nominees. We continue our nominee announcements today with the 2016 nominees for Male Outstanding Leader of the Year and wow all these guys are amazing, hats off to all the nominees! Ben Brannan School: The Ohio State University Year in school: 4th year Nomination: As president […]

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2016 Female Outstanding Leader

2016 Award Nominees: Female Outstanding Leader of the Year

We have some amazing nominees for the 2016 NCWSA Awards. Over the next few days we will announce the nominees for each of the 2016 awards, and you will be able to read about why that NCWSA contributor is such an asset to their team and collegiate skiing as a whole. The first announcement is […]

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Skier Showcase: Great Plains Conference Executive Board – Meet…

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that the Great Plains Conference has a new executive board. During the past few weeks you’ve met the Chairperson, Vice Chair, and Treasurer, and now its time to meet the Secretary–me! My name is Margaret Silhasek and I am originally from Byron, Minnesota, which is just a small […]

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Skier Showcase: Great Plains Conference Executive Board – Meet the Money Man

If there is one elected official we can all agree will do a killer job, it is Benjamin T. Bye of Iowa State University! Benny, as he is affectionately called by the ski fam, is originally from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. He is currently studying Industrial Engineering with the hope of opening his […]

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Team Recruitment: Tips and Tricks from Midwest Alumni

Many teams struggle with recruitment – especially those where the weather is cold for 6+ months of each year.  I’ve talked to some alumni that have been through this experience.  Here is some advice!   Austin Voss, Missouri State University (Graduated 2010) “I would advise treating summer tournaments like the fall. Go as a team, […]

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