Upcoming Tournaments: 4/1/2017 – 4/2/2017

The Eastern region continues its spring season this weekend with Auburn University hosting at Divorce Lake in Valley, Alabama. The South Central takes a break after their Polar Bear Classic, but the Western region is ready to kick off their spring season with San Diego State University hosting at Imperial Lakes in El Centro, California. After […]

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Crashing Into Monday – 3/27/2017

This past week was finals week for many of the California schools on quarter systems, and to help fight off the feeling of wanting to be on the water and not study, UCLA Sophomore Olivia Wesel put her procrastination to good use and threw together a gem of a video entitled “one minute of me […]

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Team Midwest

Introducing Your 2017 MCWSA Chair and Vice Chair!

Each year the Midwest Region holds elections for their executive board and committee positions during the captains meeting at Winter Conference. This year, Team Midwest elected many skiers to new positions after some amazing members made the tough decision to step down. We start off board introductions with the reigning Chairperson, Christy Kingsmill, and newly elected […]

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Team Recruitment: Tips and Tricks from Western Region Alumni

In the first post of our piecemeal article series about alumni tips and tricks for team recruitment we reached out to Midwestern alumni. As the winter season is winding down and spring tournaments are starting up, it is an opportune time to add new members to your team! In that light, and to continue our article series about […]

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Clemson University 2016 NCWSA Nationals

Clemson Water Ski Helps Us Turn Back the Clock to… Tuesday!?!?

Clemson University sent us some Team News just as we hit publish this past Tuesday, so we are turning back the clock to Tuesday to get a second dose of Team News Tuesday for the week! Every week we will release a digest of team news, announcements, or updates that have been sent our way […]

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Upcoming Tournaments: 3/25/2017 – 3/26/2017

The Spring season is here!!! We had a brief preview of our Spring season when Florida Southern hosted a tournament a month ago, but now we hit a stretch of many consecutive weekends filled with collegiate skiing! The first regions to kick off this stretch are the Eastern and South Central regions with tournaments in Florida […]

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San Diego State University - 2016 Nationals - Team Pic in Water

San Diego State and Their Jump Ramp Dreams

Every week we will release a digest of team news, announcements, or updates that have been sent our way to help spread amazing news of our teams from across the nation! Still burning slow on submissions this week, but SDSU has us covered with their hard work, so here we go! SDSU Water Ski Works Hard on […]

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