1) Kneeboarding is allowed at 1/4 the 1 trick ski points.. 2) 4.5 foot jumping is approved for both A and B team, all 4.5 will jump first – Only if your site allows for the lowering of the ramp, they will choose when registering for tournament so you will know in advance how many […]

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Team Midwest at 2016 All-Stars

2016 NCWSA All-Stars: Team Midwest 3-Peat

At the NCWSA All-Stars tournament this past weekend at Borderline Lake in Blaine, Washington the four NCWSA regions came together to compete for the NCWSA All-Star Championship title. Unlike other NCWSA tournaments where skiers compete for their individual Universities, at NCWSA All-Stars each of the four regions combines all of its teams to field a […]

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USA Flag

Team USA Announced for 2016 World University Water Ski Championship

The 2016 Team USA was selected via Team Trials this past weekend at the NCWSA Team Trials & All-Stars Tournament at Borderline Lake in Blaine, Washington. The team will compete at the 2016 World University Water Ski Championships in Akita, Japan from September 8-11, 2016. Thirteen NCWSA skiers competed for the spots on Team USA in […]

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2016 All-Stars Night Jump

2016 Borderline Night Jump Blowout: All-Stars Night Jump Results & Video

The Borderline Night Jump Blowout took place on May 14, 2016 at 2016 NCWSA All-Stars at Borderline Lake in Blaine, Washington. The event was a great success and our impromptu live feed was cooked up by Christy Kingsmill and Jeff Rush. Big thanks to both of them for providing the feed and commentary throughout the […]

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NCWSA All-Stars Night Jump – Live!

Check in with us at 9pm PDT to watch the Night Jump live at the 2016 All-Stars tournament! We will post the link to Facebook & Twitter just before the night jump event starts! Check out the Facebook live video: Second part of Night jump (live and post 1 hour mark): First part of Night […]

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2016 NCWSA Team Trials Participants

This coming weekend May 13-16, 2016 is NCWSA Team Trials and All-Stars tournament weekend! This great NCWSA event kicks off with 2016 Team Trials on Friday as several skiers vie for one of the coveted spots on Team U.S.A. The team will compete at the 2016 University World Championships in Akita, Japan. Previously, we announced that Jeff […]

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